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Plan b

Just wanting to know if you used plan b then 3 days later bleed is that the same as the last menstrual period?


Bleeding after plan B is not considered a menstrual period. A menstrual period only follows ovulation, not after hormone treatment. On average, ovulation after bleeding induced by hormones can happen any time between 4-6 weeks later.

So then what would be my last menstrual period the one before the plan b was taken???

I am not sure what it is you are asking. Only you would know the date.

I am pregnant so I’m asking what would be the date that I give to my doctor as far as last menstrual period if you are saying the one I started bleeding from was just a hormonal period????

In this case the last period is too inaccurate. Your doctor can do a sonogram around 6-7 weeks, take a measurement and best determine the due date with those data.