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Hi I had a scan there said I was 12 weeks and 6 days it didn't match up with my last period witch was December 8 but going by there date it went back to December 4th which was before my period. I'm extremely worried as I was sexually assaulted in late October. Could it be from then and my baby's just measuring small and is infact 18 weeks. Could you please help me my due date September 8th


You failed to tell us when the sonogram showed a 12w6d date. 

Hi the scan date was the 3rd of marching. States I was 12 week six day.

Your sonogram matches up perfec tly with the last period.

So in your opinion even if baby was on small side it still would off been picked up in measurement from scan that pregnancy was 18 weeks.

Your best source for this information is your doctor.