Scared pregnant :(

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Scared pregnant :(

I'm pregnant in my 6 week, i went to the doctor and she said that i have a cyst on my left ovary and my uterus is a bicornate one, i'm scared but she try to make me calm down. what should i do to give birth a healthy baby and to be also safe without any complications. Also, i'm afraid, can you reassure me?, Thanks alot.


Hi there, Its been quite some time since you posted this. I'd like to know this turned out for you. I hope you and the baby are fine. A friend of mine was in a similar situation but the right treatment helped her. She was lucky she had a really good doctor. Ive been told that in most cases the cysts do not effect the child. But I guess there can be some complications for the mother. Again, the right medical advice and supervision can help deal with such unfortunate turn of events. Please do share your story. It may as well give other women hope and a little insight on what to do and what not to do.