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okay so may 2018 around the middle of may , may 14 ,18 i most likely had my period but i cant remember but i remember a week after i had traveled and it was around the end of may and i didnt have my period . but anyways around may 28th i had sex with someone for 1 week till about june 3rd and he put his semen in me all of those days every single day . and i noticed his sperm was clear and watery like and it was all the time and i would ask him if he peed in me or anything he said no but he also feels like hes infertile . but after that i woke up one morning and i was sick to my stomach and i was doing number 2 all day and i felt nausea and i took a shower and i felt better i thought it was a fever but i dont know if it has anything to do with pregnancy its now 2 weeks after sex and him nutting in me for 1 week and im wondering if im pregnant . i have cravings ive been trying weird food combinations i get tired alot and i get a;ot of mood swings and i pee alot and i have alot of bloating but no weight gain but i think its because i walk everywhere so im loosing weight . and also i went to the doctors office like the same week we ha sex and they said it was negative i guess its because it was too early because it hasnt even been 2 weeks yet after sex . and also im suppose to be expecting my period this month in june . my breast are tender . so help me has this happened to someone and turns out there pregnant? can you get pregnant with clear water like semen ? has anyone concieved a baby with clear watery semen?


If your pregnancy tests are repeatedly negative then you are not pregnant.

It is impossible to know from the way sperm looks and feels, whether there is a good sperm count or not. You need to do a semenanalysis to find out more like the number of sperms and whether they are healthy or not.