Unusual symptoms very confused

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Unusual symptoms very confused

Hello, I am new to this but I'm seeking opinions on what to do about my situation.

First off, I had a miscariage January 22. It took 7 weeks for my first period to return (which I understand is normal) I have always had irregular periods so it wasn't unusual to me that it lasted a week, especially after a miscariage. Fast forward to april, my period was 10 days late (from the previous one I just had) i took pregnancy tests as soon as 1 week passed and they were all negative (took 3) on the 10th day of my period being late I had SEVERE period like cramps the pain was very similar to my miscarriage. Followed with the pain, I had barely any blood but I started to bleed. (April 26th). This period only lasted 3 days. Barely any blood the first day. Normal blood the second day and then spotting like blood the third day. Today is may 1 and I'm currently only spotting brown blood. Very light.

Because the pain was so bad I decided to go to the doctor and she ordered blood tests to rule out an early miscariage. she never called back which means everything showed negitive for hgc.

I started to get brief symptoms of pregnancy in the days of being late. Nothing too crazy, and it's also difficult to pin point considering my hormones are out of whack due to a miscariage only 4 months ago. But now, after that 3 day period I have continued to notice the pregnancy symptoms. My breats are slightly sore, sometimes I feel sick, I've been tired.

How can all the tests be negative but I continue to feel these symptoms? Was that even a period? And why do these symptoms continue If it was my period? (Which is how 3 days over)
Can someone please shed some light on what is going on and what I should do!!!!


You should call your doctor about this.

Just because she did not call you back does not mean that all was negative.