Very Worried, please advise!

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Very Worried, please advise!

Last month, I had a light bright red "period" with no clots & no cramping for 5days. I took 2 at home pregnancy tests which both came back as positive. This was on June 10th. Now 3 days ago when my period was to be due I had light bright red spotting with no obvious clots aside from 1 very small flat bean shaped clot and no cramping or pain which lasted for 2-3days. Today after the spotting subsided, I took another at home test and came back as negative. I've had no pregnancy symptoms aside from the occasional light nausea with a doctor's appt on July 9th. Meanwhile my husband and I are very worried about what is going on. I have 2 daughters already and their pregnancies were nothing like this. Please any insight would be appreciated!!


You are not considered pregnant as long as the pregnancy test is done correctly and remains negative.

Even though I had already taken 2 pregnancy tests which were positive?