What is going on with my hormones?

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What is going on with my hormones?

I’ve been to a walk in clinic doctor yesterday who told me to wait a cycle and see if things calm down... I don’t currently have a GP and where I live the wait list is six months!

So I got my period about 8 days late in January, which was not a surprise as I’d been very stressed in December. Right after my period ended, all my PMS symptoms returned - the biggest ones being sore, swollen breasts, dull cramping and mood swings. I took a pregnancy test just to be sure and of course it was negative. So I figured I was having a wonky cycle and carried on. But the symptoms persisted all month and got worse the two weeks before my period (which would be my normal time to have them)

In February my period was a few days early and I wouldn’t call it light, but it was a lot lighter than normal. It only lasted 4 days and I didn’t have the normal small clots or gushing feelings when rolling over in bed or standing up. My pms went away while I had my period, but less than 48 hours later it was back again! Now I’m a weeknsince my period stopped and my breasts are sore with a real ache near my armpits and some shooting pains, I’ve got dull cramps that come and go along with a full day of groin pain yesterday, moody, and the weirdest thing is now if I don’t eat every few hours I feel really nauseous. I’ve never experienced this before. I took a dollar store preg test this morning, just on the off chance, but it was negative.

So telling all this to the walk in clinic doc, thinking maybe a cyst or something? He told me to wait until my next period and see how it goes. I’ll be 35 this month so is this just a change in hormones and my body is adjusting? Do cysts give symptoms like PMS all month? My mother had a big fibroid that calmed down after menopause but I’ve never had issues before this... just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or insight!


A repeatedly negative pregnancy test means that you are not pregnant:

I recommend you read this HERE if you have irregulare periods and to identify what it could be and how to approach it next.