Worried and scared

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Worried and scared

Took out iud on the 11 of April and started pill Sprintec on the 12 of April’s. Stopped sprintec on April 28 had unprotected sex on the second and started breakthrough bleeding. I was suppose to start my period on the 11 of may I’m now 14 days late. I’ve had cramping sore boobs Neasuea white discharge cervix feels really swollen and soft. Did take a pt test was a faint line but I’m not sure if it was Evap line and past the time because my twins were getting into stuff and I had to clean it up. If anyone could help me that would be great. Haven’t been to the doctors yet because I’m not sure if I truly am.


It is essential you do the pregnancy test exactly according to instructions. A faint line usually means a pregnancy which can be confirmed by repeating it in a couple of days or by doing a blood pregnancy test.