Routine screening for many different conditions improves and saves lives. Below are some routine recommendations for screening certain conditions.  

Hypertension Screening Treating Hypertension decreases complications and increases life span
Cholesterol Screening Screening will help those at risk decide on treatments and diet
Glucose Screening Early diagnosis of diabetes is important because in early stages there are no symptoms
HIV Screening Screening for and treating HIV saves lives
Colon Cancer Screening Early detection of cancer and precursors such as polyps prevents colon cancer deaths
Depression Screening Quality of life improves with screening and treatment
Flu Vaccine The flu kills many people z year. Vaccination every year prevents the flu
Screening for Smoking, Alcohol, Drug Use These lifestyles affect health and lead to problems 
Pertussis/Tetanus Vaccine Every 10 years
Female: Pap Smear The very best cervical cancer screen. Prevents cancer and saves lives
Hepatitis C Screening Detecting and treating Hepatitis C early saves lives
65+ years or with medical issues: Pneumovax Vaccine Prevents pneumonia
Male: Prostate Screening Prostate Specific Antigen Screening is controversial and there are conflicting data