Despite our best efforts to debunk health myths, they continue to be told.


  1. An apple a day keeps the doctor away
  2. Feed a cold starve a fever
  3. You can catch a cold from being too cold. 
  4. You will get blind if you read in low light 
  5. You lose 75% of your heat through the head
  6. Eating organic foods during pregnancy prevents fetal problems
  7. To get rid of hickups have someone startle you
  8. Warm milk will make you go asleep
  9. In order to tan, you must burn first 
  10. Muscle turns to fat if you don’t use it 
  11. Alcohol kills brain cells 
  12. People are fat because they don’t exercise
  13. Birth control/HPV vaccine/etc leads to more sex 
  14. Women need annual pap smears starting from age 18 
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