Do's and Don'ts : Is this safe?

    Is it Safe? How Safe is it in Pregnancy?

    Read here more about what is safe and what is not in pregnancy and while trying to conceive. Which activities and sports, which foods, which exposures can potentially harm your developing baby? ... more »

    Autistic Kids Born to Wander?

      By Sandy Hemphill, Contributing Writer, BabyMed   ... more »

    Salmonella Lives 6 Months in Dry Foods; Finding May Explain Recent Outbreaks

    Historical understanding of the Salmonella bacterium tells us it lives and thrives in a wet environment.  It likes living in wet places such as mayonnaise and salsa and, well, people.  These germy little bugs like the warm, moist environment our bodies provide them so much that they sometimes move right in, start families, start colonies, spread, multiply, and prosper so aggressively they ... more »

    Environmental Toxins Produce Drug-Resistant Superbugs In Absence of Antibiotics

    It’s no secret that misuse of antibiotics have led to development of superbugs, disease-causing bacteria that have evolved to be unaffected by antibiotics.  Many antibiotics prescribed for people are lavishly used in the raising of animals for the food supply and this use in animal agriculture also contributes to the development of drug-resistant bacteria. ... more »

    American Academy of Pediatrics Calls for Restraint in Agricultural Antibiotic Use

    The discovery of the first antibiotic, penicillin, in 1928 changed the way of medicine and daily living for most of the next 100 years.  Infections that once killed thousands were quickly cured, with little, if any, down time.  These wonder drugs worked so well they soon became a matter of routine and were used for prevention in the absence of infection because it seemed like a safe thing ... more »

    8 Ways to Beat the Heat from an Emergency Medicine Expert

    Gardeners, sports enthusiasts, and adults monitoring kids at play need to be on alert for signs of illness and take every precaution to prevent harm caused by heat stress. ... more »

    US Kids Not Drinking Enough Water; Health Consequences Rising

    A recent study from the Harvard University TH Chan School of Public Health reveals that children in the United States just aren’t drinking enough water for optimum physical and mental health. ... more »

    25 Tips For Food Safety at Home

    Did you know 48 million people are affected with food poisoning every year but most of them don’t make the headlines? That’s because most food poisonings happen quietly in the home. ... more »

    Summer Water Safety: Breath-Holding Contests Can Be Dangerous

    Breath-holding contests seem like an innocent rite of passage but some high-profile drownings by expert swimmers in recent years have illustrated the dangers involved with holding breath too long. ... more »

    Fireworks: Festive, Fascinating, and For Use With Caution

    Whether the fireworks display you watch this 4th of July is public or private, it is extremely important to remember fireworks are not toys, they are explosives. ... more »

    Many Parents Not Savvy to Kids' Sun Safety

    Protection from the full force of the sun today can save a child from wrinkles in middle age, cataracts, and skin cancer, a form of cancer that is on the rise in children 19 and younger. ... more »

    Dogs Dining on Diapers Can Be Disastrous

    One Colorado family recently discovered their dog’s taste for baby diapers but by the time they discovered this new doggie delicacy, it was too late. ... more »

    Dangerous Sports and Activities In Pregnancy

    Dangerous sports are sports and activities with increased injury risk to the body. When trying to conceive and during pregnancy you want your body well protected and you don't want to endanger the pregnancy. ... more »

    Many Commonly Used Prescription, OTC Drugs Are Lethal to Small Children

    We don't know how many commonly used prescription and over-the-counter drugs in use today are safe during pregnancy, nursing, and childhood but we do know many are lethal to small children. ... more »

    Yoga Mat Chemical in Hundreds of Everyday Food Products

    The sandwich chain, Subway, made headlines in recent days for announcing it would no longer use a tongue-twisting synthetic chemical in the loaves of bread made and sold at its sandwich shops. ... more »

    Lighting Up the Christmas Tree With Lead

    One of the joys of Christmas is watching a child's face light up when Christmas tree lights are turned on. But is playing with them safe? ... more »

    C-Section Numbers Still on the Rise Despite Risks

    The number of C-sections in the United States rose by 25-percent in the last seven years. Despite the risk factors associated with C-sections, there are viable reasons for the increase. ... more »

    Can I Drink Coffee Caffeine During Pregnancy - Is It Safe?

    Limited intake of coffee during pregnancy is safe. Most studies have shown that it's safe to have coffee in pregnancy as long as it's less than 3 cups or the equivalent of 300 mg of caffeine a day. ... more »

    CDC Reinforces Safety of Flu Vaccine for Pregnant Women

    Despite the reports that the flu vaccine is safe and recommended for pregnant women, there has still been some question in the medical and patient community. ... more »

    Sunscreen Safety and Your Pregnancy

    The effects of UV rays on the skin are well documented. Skin cancer, premature aging, and sun spots are all linked to sun exposure and overexposure. ... more »

    Are Your Beauty Products Toxic to Your Pregnancy?

    Being pregnant is not a reason to stop feeling beautiful. Many common beauty treatments and beauty products, however, are not approved for use during pregnancy ... more »

    Contacts Lenses During Pregnancy

    Wearing contacts during pregnancy is a safe choice. ... more »

    Preventing Food-borne Illness During Pregnancy

    Preventing food-borne illness is always important, but is especially so during pregnancy when the consequences can adversely affect the mother and the unborn child. ... more »

    When to Use Antibiotics During Pregnancy

    Not all illnesses are infections that need or can to be treated with antibiotics. The obstetrician will judge the severity of the infection before prescribing an antibiotic. ... more »

    Categories of Antibiotics

    The five antibiotic categories are A, B, C, D and X. These categories tell the doctor which antibiotics are safe to prescribe during pregnancy and which are not. ... more »

    Antidepressants During Pregnancy

    For the pregnant woman on antidepressants, the psychiatrist and the obstetrician can work together to find a suitable treatment that will work with pregnancy and keep baby healthy during gestation. ... more »

    How to Bathe Your Baby Safely2

    Bathing a baby is an important activity and one that allows a baby and its parent(s) to spend time together and bond. However it also requires a lot of precautions. ... more »

    Beauty Treatments During Pregnancy

    Certain precautions are needed for beauty treatments duing pregnancy. ... more »

    Pork During Pregnancy - Is It Safe?

    Since the risks associated with pork are high, expectant mothers had better give up pork for those 9 months for the sake of their baby's good health. ... more »

    Exercise in Pregnancy

    Exercise is usually healthy in pregnancy, but there are some precautions that you need to take. ... more »

    Sit-ups and Abdominal Crunches During Pregnancy

    Sit-ups and crunches are usually safe early in pregnancy but later on you should not stay too long on your back. ... more »

    Are Hair Removers Safe In Pregnancy?

    The general census is that depilatories/hair removers such as Veet or Nair are safe if used as directed and to limit the amount of time the product is on the skin. ... more »

    How Safe Is Spray-Tanning In Pregnancy

    Great news for the fake tan lovers: if you want to add to your natural pregnant glow then self-tanners are perfect. ... more »

    Caffeinated Sodas In Pregnancy

    Caffeine and other ingredients in sodas like Coke or Pepsi may worry many women because they are unsure if it will harm the baby. ... more »

    Are Hot Tubs Safe In Pregnancy

    Hot tubs can be very relaxing to pregnant women, and they are safe as long as the water does not heat up your body too much. ... more »

    How Safe Is Using a Hot Tub in Pregnancy

    Hot tubs can be very relaxing to pregnant women, and they are safe as long as the water does not heat up your body too much. ... more »

    FDA Warning on Codeine and Breastfeeding

    The FDA today warned breastfeeding mothers who take codeine for after-birth pain to carefully watch their babies for signs of life-threatening drug side effects. ... more »

    Flying in Pregnancy: Is It Safe?

    Flying can be safe in pregnancy as long as you take certain precautions. ... more »

    Are Artificial Sweeteners Safe During Pregnancy?

    If you use artificial sweeteners and are pregnant, it is always best to talk with your care provider on which sweetener you are using and how much you are consuming. ... more »

    Food: Know the 3 Major Problems

    Steer clear of foods that pose health risks for you and your baby. When you're pregnant, it is important to steer clear of foods that pose health risks for you and your baby. ... more »

    Flying and Pregnancy: How Safe Is It?

    There were initially concerns about flying in pregnancy but these concerns are nowadays lessened. ... more »

    Dr. Amos' 15 Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

    These preconception and pregnancy tips ensure that you can improve chances getting pregnanct and having a healthy baby ... more »

    Raw Meat and Pregnancy

    When you talk about 'food poisoning' you most likely talk about Salmonella or E.coli infections. Symptoms of food poisoning include severe vomiting and diarrhea, high temperatures, and dehydration. ... more »