Do's and Don'ts : Is this safe?
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Pregnancy Safety Guide

Read here more about what is safe and what is not in pregnancy and while trying to conceive. Which activities, sports, foods, and exposures can potentially harm your developing baby? ... more »

Are Microwaves Safe To Use During Pregnancy?

With all of the health concerns that pop up in your mind during pregnancy, it’s normal to wonder whether using microwaves are safe to use while you’re pregnant. ... more »

Air Fresheners And Pregnancy

During pregnancy, any unpleasant aroma may worsen your nausea, but before you grab that aerosol can filled with air freshener, think again. ... more »
diving during pregnancy

Is It Safe To Springboard Dive During Pregnancy?

While swimming is so beneficial during pregnancy, it is recommended that pregnant women do not dive when entering a pool. ... more »
water rapids  during pregnancy

Are Water Rapids Safe During Pregnancy?

If you already have kids and will be taking them around amusement and water parks, or if you are heading out to vacation spots by the water, you may be wondering if water rapid rides are safe for you during pregnancy. ... more »
hang gliding during pregnancy

Is Hang Gliding Safe During Pregnancy?

Since hang gliding involves being lifted off the ground and taking flight, there are serious concerns about hang gliding during pregnancy. ... more »
car racing during pregnancy

Is Car Racing Safe During Pregnancy?

Car racing while pregnant holds not only a high risk of injury to you but also your unborn baby. ... more »
cheerleading during pregnancy

Is Cheerleading Safe During Pregnancy?

Many young women on college and high school teams wonder whether they can continue cheerleading once they become pregnant. It’s a good question. ... more »
sledding during pregnancy

Is Sledding Safe During Pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant, you may be wondering if you can still go sledding, especially if you already have a small child who is begging you to go. ... more »

Are Trampolines Safe During Pregnancy?

Jumping on a trampoline carries a high risk of falls and injuries. Should you do it during pregnancy? ... more »