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Effect of Solvent Exposure on Childhood Behavior

Women who work during pregnancy are at increased risk of coming in contact with toxicants, including solvents. Researchers in France recently published a study on the effects of solvents on childhood behavior by age two. ... read more »

Dad Creates App to Rate Autistic-Friendly Places

One father of an autistic child knows how valuable the so-called autism community is. He’s expanding the communal value in a free ratings-style app he calls “Autism Village.” ... read more »

Why More Dads are Staying Home with the Kids

Some dads choose to stay home with the kids simply because they want to, while others are home because of health reasons, unemployment, or other economic issues. ... read more »

Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome Surgery for Infants

HLHS, or Hypoplastic left heart syndrome, is a common form of congenital heart disease. The conditions present with an underdeveloped left ventricle that is unable to pump blood efficiently through the heart. ... read more »

How Sleep Affects Maternal Blood Pressure

Researchers have linked sleeping patterns to increase blood pressure late in pregnancy. ... read more »

Better Access to HIV Medications for Pregnant Women

The World Health Organization (WHO) reports the availability of HIV medication for pregnant women in poorer countries increased in 2009. ... read more »

Development of Children Born After IVF

There is substantial evidence that children born after IVF are at increased risk for adverse perinatal outcome, congenital malformations, and rare epigenetic defects. ... read more »

A Better Night’s Rest Could Improve Pregnancy Rates After IVF

Women who take melatonin may see an increased chance of pregnancy after IVF treatments. ... read more »

Fertility and Pregnancy News

Read here about the most recent fertility and pregnancy news. ... read more »

50% of Mothers Who Start Breastfeeding Quit Within 6 Months

The Centers for Disease Control has published the 2010 edition of the Breastfeeding Report Card. Behind the report card is the Healthy People 2010 Target. ... read more »

Dental Problems May be Linked to Premature Birth

The treatment of gum disease may be a contributing factor in keeping premature birth at bay. A study published by BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology reports a significant link between periodontitis and preterm birth. ... read more »

Doctors May Be Able to Predict Preeclampsia

A group of researchers has revealed metabolites that may predict risk of preeclampsia in women during a first pregnancy. ... read more »

Recession May Postpone Having a Child

Women are postponing pregnancy and having fewer children because of the recession, but just when they need birth control most, many can't pay for it, a new survey finds. ... read more »

Should a Woman 50 Years and Older Get Pregnant?

Should a woman 50 years and older get pregnant and have a baby? CNN recently reported on women at 50 years of age and older who had a baby. ... read more »