Dr. Ruth and Dr. Amos Pregnancy Sex Position

The Dr. Ruth and Dr. Amos pregnancy sex position facilitates greater comfort and enjoyment during sex for the pregnant couples and those trying to get pregnant. The main advantage of the Dr. Ruth and Dr. Amos sex position is that it removes the weight of the man from her abdomen.

To assume the position, the pregnant woman lies on her back or side on the edge of the bed placing one or two feet on a chair. This allows her greater freedom to move around and slightly tilt her body from one side to the other to assure greater comfort and safety and to prevent the uterus from pressing too much on her great vein. The man kneels or stands between her legs which enables him to easily caress her clitoris with his fingers, hand, or other body parts. During penetration, there is no added pressure by his body on her abdomen and uterus and both can move without too many restrictions.