What is a regular period or menstrual cycle?

A menstrual period is your monthly bleeding lasting usually between 3-5 days. A regular menstrual cycle is the time between the first day of your period until the first day of the next period. Your cycles normally last between 21 and 35 days. 

A regular menstrual period normally means normal ovulation

Your regular periods depend on regular ovulation, and there is a chance that you don't ovulate (anovulation) on your own. Shorter or longer cycles may indicate problems with your ovulation. If you don't have a regular period and if you don't menstruate regularly every month, then you either don't ovulate at all (anovulation) or you have problems with ovulation. Without ovulation, you cannot get pregnant unless your doctor finds the cause and treats it. First, your doctor needs to find out if you ovulate. Then, the causes of your anovulation should be evaluated. You can then get treated depending on what the causes are, and ovulation can be induced with medication. Up to 50% of women on medication who ovulate will get pregnant within three months.

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