Create Your very own and personal birth plan

You are the best person to make decisions about your care in collaboration with your doctor or midwife.Decisions about labor & delivery are best made and discussed furing prenatal visits, before you are admitted. There are many possible points to decide, here are some:

• whether it’s medically appropriate to wait for labor to begin on its own
• whether to be admitted to the hospital in early labor or to wait until active labor

• how to monitor your baby’s fetal heart rate
• whether to have continuous labor support by a trained caregiver like a doula
• how to help manage labor pain and labor progress
• how to stay hydrated and maintain stamina (strength) during labor
• whether to remain mobile and upright during labor
• how to push around the time of birth
• what practices to engage in shortly after your baby is born and before
you go home
While some women will need very little intervention, women with certain
medical conditions may need procedures, such as continuous monitoring
or induction of labor, to improve safety and ensure a healthy delivery.
Your provider can tell you about the benefits, risks and alternatives of the
decisions you may face during labor and birth. This is an opportunity to
share your values and preferences and make informed decisions together,
based on your specific needs. This form should go with you to the hospital
to be shared with your care team and reviewed as labor progresses.



Create your own birth plan