Q: I am seven days late with a negative pregnancy test. What could it be?


A: You could be pregnant. But several negative HPTs one or more weeks after missing a period are usually a sign that you are not pregnant. A regular menstrual period usually comes about 14 days later in response to ovulation and there are only two circumstances that preceed missing a period: Either you ovulated or you did not ovulate (anovulation). If you chart your fertilty, then you should know if you ovulated or not. And if you are now 15+ DPO without a period, then the HPT is usually positive and you are pregnant. You may want to get a blood test in your doctor’s office to confirm your negative test. If the HPT is repeatedly negative after you missed your period, then there are THREE possibilities:

  1. You did not ovulate in the preceding cycle, OR
  2. You ovulated later than you think and you now tested too early (less than 15 DPO), OR
  3. Implantation happened late (the HPT isn't usually positive until three to four days after implantation)

Besides being pregnant, the next reason for missing your period is not ovulating (anovulation). That's why it's essential for every woman who TTC to chart her fertility and to know precisely each cycle if ovulation happened or not. Knowing if and when you ovulated usually removes any confusion you may have if your period didn't come. Read more about not ovulating (anovulation) HERE.

Start charting your fertility NOW. It helps you find out if you ovulated, whether you are fertile, and it will let you know early on if you are pregnant. If you know you ovulated and your period hasn't come 15+ DPO, then there could be only one reason: You are pregnant. If you know that you did not ovulate then you can often expect your period not to come and you are prepared for that.