The Best Treatments for Pregnancy Headaches

Aches and pains are common during pregnancy, but not all over the counter medications are safe for pregnant women; even if medications are safe, some pregnant women prefer not to take medications during pregnancy if there is a natural, safe alternative that works just as well. There are a number of natural methods of easing that head pain during pregnancy that doesn't require taking medications.

Take a look at the cause of your headache pain

The best treatment for pregnancy headaches is to avoid certain triggers that may cause headache pain. Common triggers include seasonal allergens, lack of sleep, stress and even some foods. Keep a headache journal; noting when you have a headache, the severity of the headache and the environmental factors that could have contributed to the headache. For instance, write down what you’ve eaten in the past couple of hours and whether or not you spent time outside any time before the headache started. Use this information to find a common trigger and avoid that trigger whenever possible.

Eat often, even if you're only able to eat small meals

The meals you eat do more than supply calories for your body and nutrients for the growing fetus. Food keeps blood glucose level. If you go too long without eating, your blood glucose levels may drop causing a severe headache. Keep small snacks like granola bars and crackers on-hand at all times and snack often.

Drink more water

Dehydration can cause severe headaches. All too many pregnant women think drinking a couple cups of coffee in the morning and one bottle of water throughout the day is enough to stay hydrated. That's not the case. Hydration requires regular water intake throughout the day.

Sleep when possible, even if that means sleeping during the day

Sometimes pregnant women have trouble sleeping at night, especially as the pregnancy progresses and the baby takes up much more space in the abdomen. Try to sleep as much as possible at night, but if sleep is scarce, try napping during the day to reduce headache pain. Even if you're having trouble sleeping, try to maintain a healthy sleeping pattern - including going to bed at the same time each night and waking up at the same time each morning.

Ease muscle tension

Place a warm compress on your neck or around your head. Many headaches are caused by tension, which is nothing more than tightened muscles. Loosen those muscles with warmth and pain should subside.

If you come down with a headache - try to ease the pain with these natural options:

Retire to a dark, quiet room. Lay down for a rest until the pain subsides, even if you do not fall asleep.

Headaches are a part of life and most are nothing more than tension and stress. Take it easy, rest often, drink more fluids and eat right to prevent headaches from happening. When a headache arises, take time to rest.