pregnancy fetus week 15

You are 15 weeks pregnant and by the 15th week of pregnancy, some parents are itchy to find out the sex of baby. Typically, the guess does not happen until the 16th week or so. Waiting a few weeks more may be a great idea as the fetus grows larger and the genital organs are easier to spot. In utero, the fetus may be sucking the thumb or fingers. The suck reflex is one of the most important instincts a baby has. Without the suck reflex, babies cannot breastfeed or bottle feed effectively. The fetus now measures between 4 and 41/2 inches and weighs up to 3 ½ ounces.

Hair called lanugo is covering every inch of skin. This hair is fine and silky soft and will continue to grow until the 26th week of pregnancy.

Your Body
The uterus continues to grow. At the next physician appointment, the doctor may pull out a tape measure and ask you to lie down. Doctors begin to measure fundal height about the 15th week. Fundal height is the distance between the top of the uterus and pubic bone. Typically, the fundal height will measure (in centimeters) the same as the week of pregnancy – 15th week would equal 15 centimeters.

Research studies have proven that moms who receive more hugs tend to give out more hugs. Expecting fathers can work on this by hugging often.

Sex? If an ultrasound is scheduled at this time, pregnant parents may need to talk over the sex issue. Some parents want to know the sex of baby and others do not. Sex can be determined by ultrasound or amniocentesis. Ultrasound offers a picture of the genital area and a tech can guess, based on experience, the sex of the fetus. Amniocentesis is a bit more reliable as chromosomes are tested to reveal a definitive sex.