Sexual Positions and Getting Pregnant

It is possible to conceive from any sexual position, but those which allow deepest penetration may have advantage over others because they allow sperm to get closer to the opening of the uterus.

Ovulation Calculator: Predict Your Ovulation And Find Out When You Will Conceive

You've been trying to get pregnant but do you know when is the optimal time to have sex? Before ovulating? During? Use our ovulation calculator to find out how many times to have sex and the optimal days to conceive!

TTC: How Often Should I Have Sex During Fertile Days?

"How often should I have sex" is a common question when trying to conceive. Every day or every other day?

Chinese Sex and Gender Pregnancy Calendar and Predictor

This Chinese Sex Pregnancy Calendar Gender Predictor and Calculator predicts the baby's sex based on the mother's age.

Guide to Pregnancy and Sex

There are many reasons why sex during pregnancy can be more enjoyable, even if you are doing it less.

Can You Get Pregnant on Your Period?

Wondering if you can get pregnant on your period is a common question. Find out whether it's possible to conceive when you have sex on your period.

Top "Am I Pregnant" Questions

"Am I Pregnant?" and "Could I be Pregnant?" are the top health questions in both women trying to get pregnant and women trying not to get pregnant.

What Happens in the Doctor's Office During Contraception Counseling?

During a contraception visit the doctor will examine you, check for STDs and discuss risks and benefts of contraception.

Top Natural Fertility Boosters - Improve Your Chances of Getting Pregnant

There are several steps you can take to boost your fertility and improve your chances of getting pregnant and having a healthy baby.

Does Sex During Pregnancy Cause Labor?

Sex is often one of the first tactics pregnant moms will use to bring about the start of birth.

Amazon Sexual Position

The Amazon sexual position requires a bit of ingenuity and strength from the female or receiver. The male lies on his back and raises his knees.

Is Gender Determined By Sex Position?

Can you determine your baby's gender by the sexual position? Can predict it by how you are carrying?

hCG Levels And Sex of the Fetus

Could hCG levels signify whether you may be having a boy or a girl? A recent study says there is some evidence to support this idea.

Best Position To Get Pregnant

Find out which sex positions are the best for getting pregnant, as well as how to maximize the possibility of pregnancy after sex.

Can Your Baby's Heart Rate Determine The Sex?

You may have heard that you can use your baby's heart rate to determine whether you are having a boy or a girl. Some say one gender's heart rate is faster than the other. But is it true?

How Often Should You Have Sex During Your Fertile Days?

Your fertile days are the day of ovulation and the five days prior to it. Your chances of getting pregnant improve if you make love every day during your six most fertile days.

How To Conceive A Boy Or Girl: The Shettles Method

Learn how the Shettles method can help you conceive a boy or a girl!

Chinese Gender Predictor and Pregnancy Calendar

This ancient Chinese gender predictor, or Chinese gender chart, predicts your baby's sex based on the mother's age and month of conception.

How to Get Pregnant Again in 12 Steps

So you already have a child and now you are trying to get pregnant again. Easy? Maybe not. Read our 12 step program.

Is Anal Sex Safe When TTC and During Pregnancy?

Is anal sex safe when we try to conceive (TTC) and during pregnancy?

Boy or girl - Can I do something about it?

Is there something I can do to make my baby a boy or girl?

Gender Selection of Baby's Sex By Timing and Diet

A study from the Netherlands showed that women who had sex up to three to four days before ovulation ate a certain diet were 81 percent more likely to conceive a girl.

How to Have Alternative Sex in Pregnancy in 12 Steps

Traditional Sex (penis-in-vagina) is contraindicated in certain pregnancies where the woman has a history of problems during the pregnancy such as a risk of premature delivery.

Timing of Sexual Intercourse in Relation To Ovulation

Among healthy women trying to conceive, nearly all pregnancies can be attributed to intercourse during a six-day period ending on the day of ovulation.

Maximize Your Fertility Quiz by

This Fertility Quiz is not just about making love but also about improving your fertility. There are many things you should and should not do to maximize your fertility.

What is the best time to get pregnant for conception

The best time to get pregnant fast and conceive are the 4-5 days prior to ovulation, and the day you ovulate. Making love after ovulation or more than 5 days before ovulation won't get you pregnant.

Frequency of Sex and TTC - Every Day Or Every Other Day

Unless you have IVF or in-vitro fertilization it is necessary to make love  and have sex  during the 5-6 fertile days leading up to ovulation and the day of ovulation.

Can I get pregnant if I have sex while upside down?

Can I get pregnant if I/we have sex upside down is among the most frequent questions asked on the internet. And the answer is yes. Yes you can get pregnant, no matter what your position is. If he ejaculates inside you or sperm gets inside the vagina, pregnancy is possible. 

Timing intercourse to conceive by using calendar and mucus

Couples can shorten their time to pregnancy efficiently by timing intercourse on days that the most fertile-type mucus symptom is observed at the vulva.

Chemicals May Affect Baby Gender

Researchers have found a link between the consumption of PBB polybrominated biphenyls and PCB polychlorinated biphenyls and the sex and gender of fetal offspring.

How to Improve HER Fertility in 12 Steps

You can improve your chances of getting pregnant by following our 12 step program.

A Doctor's Prescription: Health Benefits of Sex

Sex has many health benefits. It's fun to have sex, but did you know that it also offers many health benefits? Sex does a body good in a number of ways, and the health benefits aren't just anecdotal or hearsay -- each of these 10 health benefits of sex is backed by scientific scrutiny.

Sex During Menstrual Period

You can get pregnant if you have unprotected sex during your menstrual period because sperm can survive for up to 5-6 days, and if you ovulate within that period it's possible to get pregnant.

Turtle - Sex Position

The Turtle is a sexual position derived from Doggy Style. The female starts on all fours. She then sits her bottom on her legs and wraps her arms around her knees.

Best Time To Get Pregnant Faster

The best time to get pregnant fast is to have sex or sexual intercourse once a day every day during the 4-5 days before and on the day of ovulation.

Sex and Pregnancy - All About Pregnant Sex

Sex in pregnancy aka pregnant sex is safe as long as you understand when to do it and when not and under what circumstances you should not have pregnant sex.

Effect of Pre-seed and Vaginal Lubricants on Sperm Motility

PreSeed does not cause a significant decrease in progressive sperm motility or chromatin integrity in contrast to other lubricants used by couples.

The Five Most Important Fertility Factors

The five factors which determine when you get pregnant include ovulation, mother's age, sperm count, fallopian tube patency, and sex timing.

Spicing Up Sex When Trying To Get Pregnant

In order to spice up your sex life and still get pregnant, many people will try to tell you and your partner to relax.

Sex and Trying To Conceive TTC Pregnancy Quiz

Take this sex quiz and find out how much you know about sex pregnancy and trying to conceive

How to Make Love When You Are Trying to Get Pregnant in 12 Steps

Fertility and pregnancy should not be the only reason for making love. Sometimes it is nice just to enjoy the person you love without the underlying need for a baby.

Sex Myths And More Questions About Sex

Let us debunk some myths about sex, getting pregnant, and pregnancy.

Seven Fertility Myths Preventing You From Getting Pregnant

Read her more about the many myths and misconceptions about fertility and getting pregnant.

Can I Get Pregnant Myths and Presumptions

Answering the question, can I get pregnant, depends greatly on the age or stage of life and medical status of a woman.

More Sex Means More Babies: Now That’s Great News

You have to have sex to have babies, but how much sex is enough?

Sex before or on the day of EWCM?

The reason why it's suggested to make love regularly, two to three times per week, is not just to take the stress out of TTC. Making love frequently will probably get you pregnant faster.

Trying To Conceive: Improving Your Chances

Your best chance to get pregnant is if you have sex and make love egularly during your 6 fertile days (day of ovulation and the 5 preceding days).

Abstinence Before TTC?

How long should we be abstinent before TTC in order to get a good sperm specimen?

Sex Isn’t Fun Anymore: What Do I Do Now?

You’ve been trying to conceive for months now with no luck. You’ve not been trying long enough to take on the cost of a fertility specialist and your gynecologist keeps telling you to relax and keep trying because some couples have more trouble than others conceiving.