5/22/2003 10:15:00 PM Thank you BabyMed! We finally conceived after a few months of trying. BabyMed provided not only good advice but also insightful perspectives into TTC. I would really recommend this website for all aspiring parents-to-be. For now, we will be proud parents of our first child in January 2004. Best wishes to all TTC! Jill 5/22/2003 4:08:24 PM Thank you so much for your fertility calendar. I got pregnant the very first month I used it! Jennifer 5/22/2003 10:45:33 AM After two miscarriages we thought we should try again and after two months of using the fertility calendar we found out that we are pregnant! Thank you, BabyMed, for the valuable tools you provide on your website. Lisa 5/22/2003 7:30:20 AM I just want to say, "Thanks Babymed!!!" I'm pregnant......It was the first month that I tried the calendars and they worked...I knew what days I was fertile and it actually worked....I figured that I've tried everything else, why not give this a try and I'm grateful....Thankyou soooo much....Wish me luck...... Desirea 5/21/2003 1:06:46 PM 1st month,1st try,1st baby!!!It became a reality due to your site! We just followed the calendar chart and it work! Thank to all of you at babymed.com!!! Jackie 5/19/2003 1:33:57 PM We used the BBT chart in March and come to find out we are 11 weeks pregnant with twins (no fertility drugs). Cari 5/19/2003 7:52:33 AM After trying to conceive for almost 9 months, I was told about BabyMed.com. After visiting the site and using its resources for only a month we are now pregnant. Thanks BabyMed, I will tell everyone about you. Victoria 5/19/2003 7:08:10 AM I've been TTC for about 3 months, finally! On 4/13, missed AF. While using a little pre-seed, on the 1st,2nd, and 3rd CD's. I thank God. Thanks TTC for helping me pinpoint my most fertility days. THANKS!!!!!!! Angela 5/15/2003 10:34:39 AM Thanks BM. Tried 9 long months for #2. Charting helped me realize that my cycle had changed and our timing was off. The discussion boards and expert evaluation helped save my sanity. Got my BFP and am not almost 6wks pg. Thanks for offering this free service for so many of us. Jennifer 5/12/2003 4:00:47 PM I want to thank your web site for all the information that was needed. My husband and I are now 5months pregnant due in September and so happy. I also want to thank a friend of mine for advising me on your web site. (thanks again Angeliki) Mina 5/11/2003 1:17:52 PM Thank you babymed! After trying for 3 months with no success, I turned to charting and I just found out that I am 4 weeks pregnant! Thank you Amanda 5/9/2003 2:57:50 PM I am truly grateful for your website-a site that gives good, honest and helpful advice for the many out there ttc! I'm 33 yrs old and pregnant for the first time after trying for 2 months! THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL WEBSITE! Prabha 5/8/2003 3:02:04 PM my dh and i were trying to get pg. for 3 months until a friend told us about your website. i started tracking my fertile days and within a month i got pg. i am now 5 wks pg. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Swanie, NY. 3/30/2003 6:02:08 PM BabyMed is a great website to help you learn about your body and its fertility signals. After visiting BabyMed for a few months I am now 12 weeks pregnant!!! Thank you BabyMed for teaching me more about my body and becoming pregnant!!!! Lisa 3/30/2003 12:38:53 AM My husband and I have been TTC for 10 months, and babymed.com was recommended to me by a friend 3 months ago. I began charting my ovulation according to the website and we found out on March 25th we're pregnant! Also by taking advantage of the pregnancy calendar, we were able to tell exactly how many weeks and days along we are!!! Babymed.com is WONDERFUL and I will recommend it to everyone!!! Angela 3/28/2003 9:01:21 AM Thank you BabyMed! My dh and I started trying to conceive just last month and we got a positive pregnancy test this month! I can't believe how fast it happened, but I know it wouldn't have happened this quickly if I hadn't been paying such close attention to my body. I also want to thank you for the discussion boards which really helped to relieve a lot of my anxieties trying to conceive and in the very early days of my pregnancy! Thank you! Erika 3/27/2003 8:33:16 PM After trying for 10 months we are finally pregnant with our second! BabyMed’s information and supportive members helped us through a difficulty time (we lost a baby prematurely 12/01). Good luck to all. Sharon 3/27/2003 12:38:37 PM I'm 38 and expecting my first child, thanks to your site. My husband and I started traking just two month ago and I found out today that I am definitely with child. Yeeehaw! Emily 3/26/2003 3:51:09 PM I just want to say "thank you!!!!" for providing such a wonderful website. In one location I was able to find such a vast amount of accurate, up-to-date information on virtually any pregnancy/ttc topic. My husband and I had been trying for several months for baby #2 with no luck and after reading about fertility signs and charting... well, I got the ++ this morning :-). Ann 3/25/2003 8:58:45 AM I found out I am pregnant yesterday morning. I took a home pregnancy test and revealed a faded pink line. I called my doctor and today getting a blood test to confirm and to find out the level of my progesterone. I had been trying for 1 yr 4 months. Thank you for providing such a great website for those who have succeeded and those who are trying. I have been to several links and found it to be of great resource. Doula 3/24/2003 8:36:46 PM My husband and I used your ovulation calendar to try for a baby and guess what??? I fell pregnant the first month we tried it! It definitely works! We are both ecstatic!!! Olivia 3/21/2003 10:08:55 AM Just want to say, I'M PREGNANT! I confirmed it 4 days ago and I can't be happier. I want to think BABYMED with all the resources and information during this long trying period. I miscarried a year ago and had a difficult time TTC again. I have never been so better informed and supported by any site. My husband and I thank you so much. Margaret 3/21/2003 5:11:17 AM Yes! Pregnant!! After ttc for over a year we did it! Thank you Babymed for all your help, I´ve learnt so much about my body because of this webbsite and bbt-charting really helped us! Love, Jenny Andersson Sweden 3/21/2003 1:26:58 AM THANK YOU ! After only one month I am Pregnant! We tried for two years and had given up hope. I say to all this really works!!!!! Stacey 3/20/2003 4:43:01 PM Happy St. Patricks Day, that's the day we found out that we were pregnant. Scottish wedding last August, pregnant on St. Pattie's Day, baby due Thanksgiving..... My holidays are complete. This is #1 for DH and I. I've been charting with BabyMed for 5 cycles, it pinpointed when I ovulated mostly day 17 Cindy 3/19/2003 6:58:30 PM We've been ttc for a while now almost a year after a miscarriage and the Lord has touched me. He worked through this website to guide me through. Thanks Babymed Tonia 3/17/2003 11:51:47 PM I just wanted to say Thank you to BabyMed. We were TTC for 1 month and found out on 3-13-03 that we are pregnant!!! The information on this site is outstanding and I will recommend it to my friends and family who are TTC. Thanks again and BabyDust to ALL************. Crystal 3/17/2003 3:42:58 PM YOU GUYS ARE GREAT!!!!!!!!! Thank you.... Monica 3/17/2003 11:18:54 AM I was only ttc for one month and i became pregnant! I followed the opk to the dot and used all the handy tips. I didn't use bbt or any other form of charting, can't believe it was so easy for us! Deborah 3/17/2003 9:23:49 AM I am just thrilled with your website. I only charted one cycle although my cycles are long this one would have been over 60 days. I had to continue onto a new chart. I was able to see that I ovulated and I got a positive pregnancy test after only 9 days of high temperatures. I learned so much from your website I will recommend it to anybody trying to conceive!! Kathryn 3/15/2003 1:21:31 AM That was my first month here and tonight I`m pregnant!!!! My graph was a little weird because I did`nt have no sex on fertile days but still looks like baby wants to come to this world!!! (Forgive me my mistakes - my mother language isn`t english) Liina 3/13/2003 2:05:32 AM Hi all, thanks a lot for creating so useful information website for who wants to be pregnant or who are blessed. I had positve result on 21 Feb after 5 unsuccessful IUI cycles. We are so happy now and also pray for all who are trying to get pregnancy. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ALL. Sonu 3/12/2003 2:38:05 PM This month was only my second month charting and my first month using BabyMed. It worked! We are pregnant, and BabyMed really helped us to nail down when our most fertile days were! Thanks, BabyMed! Faith 3/11/2003 10:17:19 PM I am pregnant!!! Thank you BabyMed. This was my very first month of charting and it was a success. A truly wonderful site! Stefi 3/11/2003 3:59:42 PM BabyMed is a great resource for those trying to conceive. I started charting my ovulation in October and I was pregnant in December, but miscarried. I started charting again in January and just yesterday I found out that I'm 5 weeks pregnant. I'm going to recommend BabyMed to all my friends. Thanks again and keep up the great work. Tina 3/8/2003 12:12:57 PM I would just like to thank BabyMed and its team in helping me learn about my body, and signs to look for when ttc, I am 41 and 7weeks pg after only 6 months of trying, and thats all because i know when i was most fertile with BabyMed, thank you once again, love xx Julia 3/6/2003 8:24:52 AM Thank you BabyMed. You predicted early ovulation on cd 7 and we are pregnant. I never would have guessed I ovulated that early. 1st month of trying for baby # 2. Yeah!!! Sheila 3/5/2003 11:49:17 AM Thank you BabyMed i am 8 wks and 3 day pregnant because you helped me figure out my body and let me know when id O 2 months and im PREGGO thank you so much for your site and thank you chat buddies for answering my questions dumb or not!!!***BEST*** Marie 3/4/2003 6:10:57 PM I just found out i'm pregnant. this is my first try . i did the hpt last night and this morning and both became ++++++ Julia 3/4/2003 5:35:25 PM Thanks for the charting website BabyMed. We were TTC for 5 mos. without charting, and on our second month of charting, I got pregnant! It was very helpful to have this website! Kara 3/1/2003 9:26:22 PM I just wanted to thank BabyMed for helping me get PG with our 4th baby!! I got my BFP 3 days after my birthday!! We started TTC in June & I found BM & started charting in July & here I am PG again!! Even though I had already had 3 PGs, I wasn't aware of so many things when TTC! I learned so much & met so many wonderful, dear friends here! Thanks again! Cathy 3/1/2003 7:59:14 AM I would like to thank BabyMed for the correct guidance. I am really really excited to see two lines while doing HPT. Thanks Babymed..... Soniya Feb.28,2003 Thank you BabyMed!!! I charted for one month and learned so much about my body that I didn't know before. I am pregnant on my second month of ttc. This is an amazing website! Here is the link to my chart. Please feel free to post it for others to see. Thanks, Lisa 2/27/2003 9:05:27 PM Thank you so much BabyMed for clarifying so many things over the last couple of months and the wonderfully helpful fertility reminders. I found out I was pregnant yesterday from the Dr after TTC #1 and i can't wait to tell my mum face to face next week when she flies to Australia from the UK!!!!! What a great surprise!! Thanks again!! Samantha 2/27/2003 12:07:17 PM Thank you BabyMed.com! Because of your website, it was so easy to know exactly when I was fertile and my husband and I are now expecting. I am 6 weeks long TODAY! We are both very excited and look forward to this wonderful and exciting adventure that we are about to embark on. Thanks again BabyMed. Good luck to everyone else. Love and happiness to you!! Carrie 2/26/2003 6:18:13 PM Hi BabyMed: My girlfriend and her hubby had been trying for a second baby for 2 years running. I suggested to her to use your ovulation calendar she rang me yesterday and she is pregnant!!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH BABYMED FOR THIS GREAT SITE. Betty 2/26/2003 10:06:40 AM I just found out that I am pregnant about 4 days ago. I've been charting my fertile days for the past 2 months on BabyMed and this month we finally hit the jackpot. Thank you BabyMed. Sandy 2/25/2003 1:42:56 PM We recently found out that we are pregnant. BabyMed is great, all the charting and temping sure made things easy to know when I was Oing. Once I got in the swing of things I kept my thermometer under my pillow. We tested on the 15th of Feb. The day that our little one would have been born. Boy was it a strong positive also. I can't wait for October. Dh was so happy to find out and is so very sweet now. He kisses my belly before bed every night and he talks to his baby. I am truly blessed with both. Thanks BabyMed Jenn 2/25/2003 10:12:50 AM Hurray! I'm pregnant!!!!!!!!! *big smile* About 7 weeks along now. It happened during my second month charting my BBT it finally everything worked out just right. Finally I understand what's going on with my body! What a relief! No more guessing games. Thank you so much for this wonderful service. Wish me luck. Deborah 2/24/2003 8:31:47 PM I JUST WANT TO SAY THANK YOU!!!! SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE TOLD ME ABOUT BABYMED AND I NEVER GAVE IT A CHANCE. THE FIRST DAY I WENT ON THE SIGHT I WAS HOOKED. AND LET'S JUST SAY THE FOLLOWING WEEK I WAS "KNOCKED UP". I RECOMMEND THIS SITE TO ANYONE WHO IS TRYING TO HAVE KIDS. THANKS AGAIN... SHONDA 2/24/2003 4:05:26 PM Thank You Baby Med and chat friend for helping me understand how cylcing and ovulation works.I'm a 23 year mother with four kids and one on the way. Good luck to everyone that is ttc!! Chanerial 2/23/2003 6:26:18 PM I found BabyMed three months ago after deciding to start charting my cycles following a miscarriage last Oct. Your site helped me figure out I had a progesterone problem after ovulation. My doctor put me on progesterone last month and I am pregnant (5 weeks) YAHOO and thanks a ton:) Holly 2/23/2003 1:49:51 AM Dear all, First many congratulations on your work. I am an MD and I think this site is the BEST for women TTC and the pregnant. Thank you again for everything. Best Regards, Maria 2/22/2003 8:42:57 AM Am nearly 37 and had started to be concerned that we were not going to be successful on our own. Charted for 5 months and am so excited..BFP!!!!! Thanks Babymed - your emails and reminders made it really easy to ensure we were on track!!!!! Melanie 2/21/2003 8:37:38 PM Trying for a second child, we thought we might try BabyMed charting. With very irregular periods, we followed the instructions vigilantly. Well, the first month of trying, and I've found out that I'm pregnant!!4w5d. How empowering it is when you can understand your body!!! This is essential information for all women. Wishing all those ttc all my very best. Anne 2/20/2003 5:11:11 PM I would like to thank BabyMed for helping me learn about my body and the way it worked, and for your fertility reminder, I am pregnant and am 41 yrs old, you are a wonderful site and I tell every one ttc to visit your site, once again thank you very much love Julia 2/19/2003 5:16:07 PM I am so amazed. I had been having irregular periods for a few months now. hen my husband and I decided that we wanted another child, I wasn't sure how I was going to calculate my fertile days. I actually used the fertility calendar starting at day 28 through 35 and I just found out that I am pregnant. I haven't even told my husband yet. I want to really surprise him. We just started trying in January so I am not that far along at all. What a wonderful website to help out mother nature a little! Thanks again Baby Med!! Angela 2/19/2003 9:45:55 AM Thanks Baby Med! We used the calender for the first time in January. Lo and behold, I just confirmed positive at the doctor's! First try! Shannon and Andrew 2/19/2003 9:26:33 AM I have only used BabyMed for charting one cycle and to my surprise, I found out today that I am approximately 4 wks + 1day pregnant and it matches the BBT calendar exactly! Thank you BabyMed! I noticed that my chart had gone tri-phasic and I decided to test today because the calendar said I might get a positive today and I DID!!!! BabyMed is awesome!! Thank you again! Tonya 2/19/2003 9:13:09 AM I just want to say Thank You. I found out this afternoon that I am 4wks + 1day pregnant. It matches the BBT calendar exactly! Thank you so much! Tonya 2/19/2003 1:23:30 AM I came to your web site at the beginning of January this year, as my husband & I had decided that it was time to start trying for a baby. I have been off of birth control for a year, with a "when it happens, it happens" attitude. But it wasn't happening. I put in my cycle info on the fertility calendar, we had sex on three of the five or so fertile days that it showed...and now we are pregnant. One try only!!! I am now about 5 1/2 - 6 weeks.Thanks! Brooke 2/18/2003 7:24:49 PM It only took us two months of using the fertility calendar.I just found out that I am five weeks pregnant. Thanks a ton! We could not be happier. Julie 2/18/2003 8:27:46 AM I used this method for three months and found this really works if you know about when you ovulate. I helps also to buy a ovulation kit. I found out i am 5 weeks pregnant and due 19th Of October 2003. Judy 2/17/2003 11:16:00 AM I would just like to thank you for your site. I have been charting now for three months and I am proud and blessed to say that.. we are pregnant!!!! I took the HPT on Thursday, February 13th and it came back positive in under a minute! Thank you so much for all your help and information. Kesha 2/17/2003 8:02:32 AM I started visiting BabyMed.com in January right after we decided to start ttc. We got a ++++ on 2/12/03....first month trying! Thank you for all the good info! Jennifer 2/16/2003 8:22:48 PM Hi there all, I just wanted to let you all know that we are 4 weeks pregnant.I loved using my babymed chart prediciting when AF was due was great and helped when I noticed being late. Thanks BabyMed, You are a great service Jenn 2/14/2003 2:14:41 PM I came to this site about 2 months ago. I charted for about a month. I got a little discouraged & stressed so i stop charting. I got advice from the women concerning things for conception as well. Well this past Tuesday afternoon i tested using Fact Plus & it was ++++++++++. The next day it was confirmed at the doctor. I am now 4weeks along & my edd:10/20/03. I shared my results with the other women, they were happy as well. Thanks for having a good website. By the way this is our 1st child. Thanks, Helena 2/13/2003 2:57:37 PM I just found out last week that my husband and I are expecting #2!! I used the fertility chart and really payed attention to my body and we got pregnant the first month!! The web site was wonderful to read and was very helpful. I hope everyone else is as luck as us!!! Christy 2/13/2003 1:14:38 PM This is the best website ever! The fertility tracker worked so well for us and is so accurate! We're pregnant again and due in October! Thank you so much for your help!!! Melissa 2/11/2003 10:29:44 PM We used BabyMed fertility tools for 4 months and >b>we are now 14 weeks pregnant.We used the fertility chart and got pregnant the second month. I started the BBT chart, but all I need was the fertility chart. I just found out that we are pregnant. I am only a few weeks along, but I think I am the happiest person alive. Julie 2/11/2003 12:49:10 PM After ttc for 3 cycles, I found out last week that I am pregnant! BabyMed was recommended to me by other ttc women and I was so impressed with the information I found here. Thank you very much! Heather 2/11/2003 10:59:20 AM I GOT A +++HPT today!!! yippeeee!!! Thanks soooo much BabyMed for the charting capabilities. When I thought I was close to ov, we bd and it worked.After 16 mths of trying!!!!! Thank you!!! I was able to monitor my cm etc....made it easier to track!!!! I AM PREGNANT!!!!!!! Debbie 2/10/2003 9:36:42 AM I just found out I am pregnant!! BabyMed helped my pinpoint my fertile days, and within a month I was pregnant!!! Denise 2/9/2003 9:21:45 PM After 10 months abd 12 cycles I am finally pregnant- I actually O'd three days later than usual this month and never would have known with out temping and Babymed. I have tried EVERY available charting software and month after month Babymed was the most accurate- it terms of predicting my ovulation, periods and caculating exactly when I actually did O. I have nothing but great things to say. Thanks Babymed!!! Hobby 2/7/2003 1:11:23 AM After nearly a year of TTC and 1 miscarriage, I am finally pregnant. I am 16 weeks pregnant and so far, everthing is going well. I want to say thank you to Babymed for their wonderful tools for both fertility and pregnancy. I spent many months going to a fertility specialist who was uninterested in my questions and concerns and told me to wait a year before I worried. I was 37 at the time and a year was just too long. The information that I found on Babymed helped me to take matters into my own hands and I felt like I was not alone in my concerns. I switched doctors, continued to chart, and used OPKs and got pregnant...twice. Thank you for giving women like me a forum to gain so much information. Susan 2/6/2003 10:36:02 PM After 8 months TTC, and 2 months charting with BabyMed I am pregnant!!!! Thank you for this wonderful site, that gives women the support they could only get from others in the same situation. Crystal 1/30/2003 12:46:16 AM I would just like to say what a great website you are, I tried for a couple of months then got my fertile days from your website and I got pregnant on my 3rd Month. I am so over the moon I have referred all my friends to this site!!!!! Thank you I am now nearly 6 months pregnant. Maria 1/29/2003 3:12:42 PM I just want to let you know that I am so thankful you are here. The charting has helped me so much and my OB likes to see them too. Again Thanks! Sonia 1/27/2003 6:43:52 AM I just wanted to thank the people who make this site available. I have used your charting system to get me pregnant twice. First time I lost the baby at 5 weeks along. Read info on your site and tried again and in less than 2 months am now Pregnant Again! Going on 8 weeks and healthy! Thanks Tiffany 1/26/2003 6:34:03 PM I have been trying to conceive for 6 months and I am now pregnant!! Thank you BabyMed!! Kimberly 1/25/2003 7:16:08 PM Thank You BabyMed!! I found your site about 3 months ago and began to chart my BBT. After a missed period and 2 positive HPTs. I am so happy to say we are expecting our first child. Thanks BabyMed for all of the tools and the support you provide. What a blessing!!!! Alana 1/24/2003 9:32:42 PM I took a HPT on the 13th and 14th dpo and I tested positive. I start charting Dec 29th with my period. I found out that I ovulated a little early. I felt the ovulation cramps for the first time. I charted my BBT every morning and it worked. Thanks Felicia 1/23/2003 7:56:05 PM Hi to all. I am 38 and been trying now for 10 months. Thanks BabyMed, I just found out im pregnent . its early yet but lets keep our fingers crossed . and baby dust to all . andrea 1/22/2003 9:22:33 PM I have found BabyMed very informative as well as comforting to know that others have similar feelings. I lost a baby boy in August of 2002 at 39 weeks and I was devastated. After TTC for 2 months I am pregnant again-HPT positive on 1/22/03. I feel like I have hope once again and this is definitely the best site on the internet! Denise 1/20/2003 9:48:08 AM I found out yesterday at 12 dpo that I am pregnant! We took an early HPT and the results came back positive. (I actually took 2 yesterday and 1 this morning to be sure!!) Thanks BabyMed! I "knew" I was pregnant before I took the tests based on the symptoms I've been having. Your website is such an excellent resource of charting symptoms of expectant moms that I was able to diagnose my pregnancy based on their testimonials!!! Thanks again BabyMed! Miko 1/20/2003 8:12:27 AM Hi! I just found out that I am pregnant this past Saturday. I found BabyMed 2 months ago and began charting my temps. It took 2 months of charting and here I am expecting a baby. BabyMed made me so much more aware of my body. It is a wonderful tool! Tracey 1/18/2003 3:03:38 PM I found out that i was pregnant November 2002 it was such a suprise to me as the doctors told me i wasn't. Babymed helped me alot and answered alot of my questions that i couldn't ask anyone else, i found support in babymed and i would like to thank babymed and all the other women on this site that helped me. I am due in April and i am having a lovely baby boy. Thanx babymed and good luck to all of ya!!!!!! Sadie 1/18/2003 10:26:02 AM We had been trying for almost a year. And 2 months of clomid and charting my days of ovalition made it so much easy.now jan 16 i am almost 5 weeks thanks so much babymed Swmtel 1/15/2003 3:24:34 PM Thank You so much for your easy to follow ovulation calender. My husband and I used it for 4 months and we are expecting in August, Thanks Again!!! Rebecca 1/14/2003 10:19:56 PM Hi everyone I found this site December 10th 2002. I did a fertility and conceived on my first try. I actually found out today. I'm 5wks. This is a wonderful site. Thanks BabyMed. I would recommend this is to my friends and family. Thanks again BabyMed. Congratulations to everyone else who's expecting also Tanya 1/14/2003 11:41:55 AM Thank you BabyMed! This was my first month charting and our 8th cycle TCC. My FM did not even register that I ovulated this month, but my temps said the contrary--and now I'm pregnant!!!! Sara 1/14/2003 6:55:18 AM This site is by far THE BEST site on the net!! I din't know who to talk to after my m/c back in Aug 2002. I am now pregnant in my 4th month of ttc, AND I used much of the advice i received from this site. Thanks and God Bless each and every one of you!!! Lisa 1/13/2003 6:58:21 PM Thanks for all the information on your site. I charted for ONE month and we were successful! I have referred your site to my friend and hope she has the same kind of experience. The ovulation calendar is very handy, too, although it would be better if you could input your Luteal Phase if you knew it instead of assuming 14 days Maria 1/13/2003 3:27:52 PM BFP 10 dpo at dr's office on a urine test. Thanks BabyMed, you made it so easy to calculate cycle and ovulation and now I am pg! Trish 1/12/2003 6:27:35 PM well i went off birth control in june of 2002 found your site in oct found my fertile days did not have to chart temperature positive pregnancy test nov 14 misscarriage nov 24 just by chance i stopped bleeding 7 days later only to make it in time for what your site said my fertile days were which was beginning with dec 1 one day after i stopped bleeding and by chance on dec 28 + hpt i am 5 wks thanks alot guys love ya Tanya 1/11/2003 9:39:23 AM After 4 months I'm finally pregnant. I took the home pregnancy test a week ago and I go to the doctors in 2 days. Thank you so much for all the help you provided. Tracy 1/9/2003 10:32:58 PM I was so pleased with this site! We just found out that we are expecting. All we used was the fertility calendar and got pregnant the first month! Thanks Baby Med, you are an awesome site! Amanda 1/9/2003 5:07:37 PM Babymed is wonderful and very informative. I got a positive hcg on Monday Jan. 6 we have been ttc since July 2002. This is our first baby you guys made it so easy. Beverly 1/6/2003 5:50:13 PM I just want to let everyone at BabyMed know that it only took me a month to conceive after bumping into your site. It all happened so fast I did'nt even get a chance to create a bbt ovulation chart. Not only did it clarify some informatiom that I thought I completely understood (Like counting my cycle starting from the day that I started bleeding as day one. I always started counting the next day, which makes a difference esp. if ttc.) Your website not only has proven useful to me, but I recommend it to all my co-workers and they all got a printout of their fertility calendar. Thank You. Leandra. 1/6/2003 5:32:46 PM Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Thank you!!! Without you I would of never known about my fertile days. I am 5 1/2 wks pregnant, my husband and I are so excited to have our first baby. We have been TTC since almost 18 months ago. I am very thankful for all the useful information BabyMed provides us. Thank you very much!!! Maria 1/6/2003 9:00:06 AM Just wanted to let someone know that I had a positive pregnancy test yesterday. It was after many months of trying and my first IUI on 12/18/02. For those out there who are going the same route, here's one success story for you!! Babydust to you all!! Thanks Babymed.com for all your help with charting. Jaime 1/5/2003 12:47:37 AM I would just like to thank all the staff at BabyMed for creating the site called how to have a boy or a girl. My hubby and I followed your instructions on how to have a girl. We were very happy to find out we are expecting a little girl and we conceived with our first go. THANKS BABYMED. Betty 1/3/2003 11:29:35 AM It's Friday Jan 3, 2003 and last night i tested two line's IM PREGNANT!!!!! Thanks Baby Med. the Fertility Calendar and the Reminders Did it!!! We had been tryinf for 7 mths with no luck and this was my first time using Baby Med. Your the Best... Kelly 1/3/2003 12:02:06 AM Dear BabyMed, I did your email notification on the fertility calendar and I tested positive on 12/31! Happy New Year! December was the first month of using your site and we conceived in December by using your calendar! Thank you! Tina 1/2/2003 1:43:33 PM I've been on tons of web sites regarding fertility and pregnancy and so far this is the best ever. Thank you! Kelly 1/2/2003 12:36:04 PM I just found out the beginning of this week that I am pregnant! We have been TTC for about 9 months and after 6 months I started using BabyMed and charting and it took 3 months! I even had a Doctor's appt. next week to ask why we were having such difficulty but now I am going in for a different reason. This site is fabulous! Thank you for all the help and expert advice Sasha 1/2/2003 5:31:47 AM After eight cycles of TTC our second baby, I found out I was pregnant today!!! I came to BabyMed in September to chart my temps because I wanted to know if I was ovulating. After charting for three cycles and founding out that I am ovulating, I decided not to chart in December. Here I am, January 1, 2003, and at 16 DPO I got a positive on my pregnancy test this morning. I love BabyMed, I have met a wonderful group of women and we have supported each other through our cycles for months now. I consider them my good friends. Thank you for such a wonderful site, and I don't think I could have done it without you!!! Thank you, Julie 1/1/2003 8:55:57 PM I have found a comforting place to share my joys and sorrows with women that are experiencing the same things. THANK YOU Colette 1/1/2003 6:04:24 PM Just wanted to say how pleased I am to have stumbled across BabyMed on the internet. I told my friend about BabyMed (who is also ttc) and we have really utilised the information and assistance that is provided- it's fantastic! Found out on New Year's Eve that I was pregnant. and told DH today (New Years Day) , which is our 4th wedding anniversary. Thank-you BabyMed, it took us 6 months to conceive #1 and I know that if I had not found this site (and one that does not profit), it would have been a lot longer. Thanks to all the women on the community forums too- for all their solidarity and support....Babydust Melly Go Here for the 2002 Success Stories Do you have any success stories? Please let us know HERE