Home-Improvement DIYers Risk Toxic Dust Exposure; Avoid in Pregnancy

A study measured dust levels when common DIY tasks are done and found these projects to be a lot dirtier work than might be expected. Pregnancy is not the time to be a hands-on DIY participant.

One-Armed Pro-Surfer Still Riding the Waves Six Months Pregnant

There’s a baby on board for Bethany Hamilton and husband, Adam Dirks. You may know Hamilton from the “Soul Surfer” book based on her recovery and return to surfing after a shark bit off her left arm.

Australian Woman Surfs Her Way Through 9+ Months of Pregnancy

It takes a lot to knock Kristi Olivares off her surf board. Pregnancycouldn't do it, not even when the pregnancy lasted nine and a halfmonths.

Summer Water Safety: Breath-Holding Contests Can Be Dangerous

Breath-holding contests seem like an innocent rite of passage but some high-profile drownings by expert swimmers in recent years have illustrated the dangers involved with holding breath too long.

Recreational Water Illnesses and Pregnancy

Recreational water illnesses are on the rise. According to the CDC, from 2004 to 2010 a 200% increase in illnesses associated with germs found in swimming pools has been reported.

Kids: Celebrate Mother’s Day with Cool Crafts

Helping your children create a unique craft for Mother's Day each yearcan grow difficult over time. Rest assured, there are tons of Mother'sDay crafts out there that take just a few minutes to complete, though theimpact will last a lifetime.

Bath and TTC

Water comes out of my vagina, is that a problem?

Hot tub and TTC

Going into a hot tube while TTC

How to Spend Your Time Now That You’re Pregnant

If you’re the type to go out every weekend with your friends and have a couple of drinks at the club, you may experience a period of boredom after getting pregnant. Obviously you can’t go out drinking and dancing at a bar, but you still have plenty of options

Five Great Hobbies During Pregnancy

If you are expecting your first child then these weeks of your pregnancy are the last ones for a while during which you'll feel completely free to spread out materials and work on something without interruption.