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One-Armed Pro-Surfer Still Riding the Waves Six Months Pregnant

There’s a baby on board for Bethany Hamilton and husband, Adam Dirks. You may know Hamilton from the “Soul Surfer” book based on her recovery and return to surfing after a shark bit off her left arm. ... more »
Pregnant couple does DIY project

Home-Improvement DIYers Risk Toxic Dust Exposure; Avoid in Pregnancy

A study measured dust levels when common DIY tasks are done and found these projects to be a lot dirtier work than might be expected. Pregnancy is not the time to be a hands-on DIY participant. ... more »
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Summer Water Safety: Breath-Holding Contests Can Be Dangerous

Breath-holding contests seem like an innocent rite of passage but some high-profile drownings by expert swimmers in recent years have illustrated the dangers involved with holding breath too long. ... more »
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Australian Woman Surfs Her Way Through 9+ Months of Pregnancy

It takes a lot to knock Kristi Olivares off her surf board. Pregnancycouldn't do it, not even when the pregnancy lasted nine and a halfmonths. ... more »
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How to Spend Your Time Now That You’re Pregnant

If you’re the type to go out every weekend with your friends and have a couple of drinks at the club, you may experience a period of boredom after getting pregnant. Obviously you can’t go out drinking and dancing at a bar, but you still have plenty of options ... more »
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Five Great Hobbies During Pregnancy

If you are expecting your first child then these weeks of your pregnancy are the last ones for a while during which you'll feel completely free to spread out materials and work on something without interruption. ... more »
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Recreational Water Illnesses and Pregnancy

Recreational water illnesses are on the rise. According to the CDC, from 2004 to 2010 a 200% increase in illnesses associated with germs found in swimming pools has been reported. ... more »
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Kids: Celebrate Mother’s Day with Cool Crafts

Helping your children create a unique craft for Mother's Day each yearcan grow difficult over time. Rest assured, there are tons of Mother'sDay crafts out there that take just a few minutes to complete, though theimpact will last a lifetime. ... more »
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Bath and TTC

Water comes out of my vagina, is that a problem? ... more »
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Hot tub and TTC

Going into a hot tube while TTC ... more »