Antidepressants During Pregnancy Do Not Increase Autism Risk

There does not appear to be a connection between taking antidepressant medication and the risk of autism, according to a new study that could not find evidence of an association between the two. ... read more »

Smoking During Pregnancy Not Linked to Autism

Tobacco smoke and the chemicals produced have long been linked to problems and conditions with the fetus. The conditions range from low birth weight, prematurity and in some instances birth defects. ... read more »

Increased Risk of Autism for Children of Mothers with Lupus

Children born to mothers with Lupus are at twice the risk of developing autism spectrum disorders (ASD) than are those born to women without the disease, according to a new study. ... read more »

Could Breastfeeding Be a Deterrent to Autism?

It is just a hypothesis. But breastfeeding may deter the development of autism later in life, according to a recent article published in the medical journal, Medical Hypotheses. ... read more »

SSRIs Before Pregnancy May Increase Baby’s Autism Risk

Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are a class of medications often prescribed for anxiety and depression, even during pregnancy. The concern has been that these prescription drugs taken during pregnancy may increase the risk that the child the woman carries will develop autism. ... read more »

Researchers Devise an Effective Autism Screening Tool

The sooner autism is diagnosed, the sooner treatment and coping strategies can begin. The sooner these therapies begin, the better the chance the child will thrive throughout life. A new study has found a way to assess a child's risk much sooner. Seems it's all about the tilt and size of the head. ... read more »

3D Map Shows Autistic Vs. Non-Autistic Brains

Breakthrough technology has allowed scientists to produce the first ever 3-dimensional (3D) maps of the entire brains of autistic and non-autistic individuals. ... read more »

Brain Protein May Explain Sensory Overload in Autism

Recent research on a protein known as having to offer insights into how the brain develops structurally and how the protein’s absence could lead to an autistic child’s feelings of too much stimulation. ... read more »

Nutritious Fats in Mom's Diet May Minimize Autism Risk

Recent study findings published in the June 27 issue of the American Journal of Epidemiology, however, suggests a modest intake of certain "healthy" fats may be beneficial to the baby's brain development during the last stage of pregnancy. ... read more »

Fever, Development and Autism: Is There a Connection?

When a pregnant woman suffers a fever, the risk of developmental delay and autism increases two-fold, but taking medication to reduce or control fever reversed the negative impact. ... read more »

Autistic Children Sometimes Bond More Closely with Family Dog

Gretchen Carlise is a doctoral candidate at the Center for Human-Animal Interaction. Her dissertation explores the many ways a family dog can enhance the lives of autistic children. ... read more »

Baby Head Movements and Autism

Studies show that a baby’s inability to hold his head by three months up could be a sign of autism. ... read more »

Do Breastfeeding and Autism Have a Connection?

The exact cause of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is not known. However, being unaware of the exact causes of autism doesn’t mean we don’t have many highly accurate hypotheses. ... read more »

Children With Autism May Grow Out of Symptoms

One of the most common symptoms of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is trouble integrating audio and visual cues. Recent studies show that these symptoms may go away in some adolescents. ... read more »

Can Weight Gain During Pregnancy Be a Risk for Autism?

New research also suggests that in some cases a consistent weight gain can be associated with pregnancy risks such as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). ... read more »

Women With PCOS May Have Children with Autism

This Swedish study suggests that children of mothers with PCOS polycystic ovary syndrome have an increased risk of developing ASD autism spectrum disorder, regardless of sex.  [bmed_ad_r] ... read more »

Can Fever Cause Autism?

Autism cases are on the rise and there are tons of potential causes thrown around in the media. Despite all of the finger pointing and clinical research, no definitive causes have been established, so pregnant women are at the mercy of luck - or are they? ... read more »

Another Autism Trigger? High Levels of Toxic Metals

A recent study from the Arizona State University has shown that many children with autism have elevated levels of toxic metals in their blood and urine. ... read more »

Can Certain Types of Play Help Diagnose Autism in Children?

It’s common for children with autism to enjoy only specific activities or pastimes and become really focused while playing. However, the types of play children choose when they’re young can actually help physicians diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder. ... read more »

Can Prenatal Vitamins Prevent Autism?

Autism is considered a neuro-developmental disorder that impairs normal social communication and restricts interests and repetitive behavior. ... read more »

The Relationship between Induced Labor and Autism

My friend went about two weeks past her expected delivery date and was just about to have labor induced when her water broke. She delivered just fine and was, like many mothers, thankful to get the whole uncomfortable experience over with. ... read more »

Do Fertility Therapies Cause Autism?

If you are pregnant or planning on having a baby in the near future, autism is likely a major concern of yours. Since its cause is unknown, many statements exist claiming different methods of prevention. ... read more »

New Study Shows Direct Link Between Folic Acid and Autism

Today, a study was released by the Journal of the American Medical Association that showed groundbreaking results in a study about prenatal folic acid consumption. ... read more »

Can Some Maternal Antibodies Make Autism More Likely?

Autism Spectrum Disorder is one thing we studied pretty extensively, and I found that there are many theories on how children develop autism. ... read more »