How to Safely Spray Air Freshener around Baby

Never spray  air freshener close enough to your infant so that it could be directly inhaled. There are usually phthalates in them, which are proven to have seriously negative effects on growing babies. ... read more »

Why Baby Foods Aren’t Suitable for Weaning

Many babies go safely from breast milk straight to solid foods with no trouble. A recent study supports this method and suggests that parents should try a strict milk-based diet until their little ones are ready for solid food. ... read more »

How to Baby Proof Your Cleaning Supplies

Though the doctor said a single finger’s worth of toxic chemicals was no reason to rush to the emergency room, he did explain that any more could be fatal, and that my parents should try harder to keep me from getting any in my mouth. ... read more »

Giving Infant CPR Safely

If you don’t know how to give your baby CPR, look it up right now and become familiar with the instructions. If possible, you should even take a CPR class so that you can get some practice with a dummy. ... read more »

Choking Hazards You May Not have Thought Of

Choking is obviously one of your biggest concerns regarding your baby. You have diligently baby-proofed the home removing all things smaller than your thumb to ensure that nothing will end up in our baby’s mouth that shouldn’t be there. ... read more »

Can Baby-Proofing become Adult-Proofing?

Every room of the home had already been “baby proofed.”  I couldn’t really figure out how much a home needed to be “proofed” for a newborn, but I was soon to discover that apparently my friend thought it needed quite a bit. ... read more »

When Car Seats Become Dangerous

All parents should know the importance of a car seat for their baby. Vehicles are designed to protect drivers and passengers over a certain height and weight limit. When a baby or a toddler is placed in a car without a special seat, the seatbelts are rendered useless. ... read more »

Is The Bouncy Seat doing More Harm Than Good?

His nephew—who loves the bouncy seat—hasn’t progressed in his crawling ability much yet, which my husband blames on the bouncy seat. By building his muscles in the bouncy chair, he is missing out on the chance to build his muscles for crawling. ... read more »

Babies…the Newest Spring Accessory?

Mothers are now carrying their babies in slings, wraps and carriers, either on their chests or on their backs. Studies have indicated that babies who are carried, held and worn spend only a few minutes per day crying or fussing. ... read more »

Does Your Baby Need a Hydrogen Breath Test?

We all know adults can have some seriously bad breath, but babies? Actually, your baby’s breath can tell you a lot about his health. It has been observed that the most accurate diagnosis is the intermittent breath sampling and analysis. ... read more »

How to Let Your Baby Wear Wool Comfortably

While you adore the tiny wool sweater your mother knitted for your baby for his very first Christmas, you also might be concerned about how his skin will react to the wool. ... read more »