Is It A Baby Boy Or A Baby Girl? Your Guide to Gender and Sex Prediction During Pregnancy

The most accurate way to get a baby gender and sex prediction is via a medical test like an amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling. Ultrasounds can also provide an  accurate baby gender and sex prediction.

Diet May Influence Baby’s Gender

Could choosing your baby's gender be as simple as changing the way you eat and diet? According to new research, it just may be, though not every dieter will find it simple.

Can The Shape Of Your Belly Predict Your Baby's Gender?

Is your belly a football shape? Or the shape of a baseball? Can you really predict the sex of baby based on shape of your belly or is that a myth?

6 Stages in Pregnancy: The Changing Female Body

Stages in pregnancy are often divided up into weeks or trimesters. Within these common stages in pregnancy are six major times of change.

Sex Discrimination Plagues Prenatal Care in India

When women in India find out they are pregnant with girls, prenatal care changes for the worse, according to research from the University of California and Michigan State University.

Stress During Pregnancy May Mean You’re Having a Girl – Early

The online journal Human Reproduction has published the results of a study linking stress during pregnancy to early birth and an increased chance of having a girl.

Gender Undetermined OK for German Birth Certificates

November 1, 2013, marks the first day German birth certificates will have three gender identity options: male, female, and blank. The blank designation gives parents the option of waiting until later to specify the male / female identity of their child.

The Ericsson Method Of Gender Sex Selection

The Ericsson (albumin) method has been used for medically assisted gender selection techniquesince around the mid 1970's and was pioneered and patented by Dr. Ronald Ericsson.

Orgasm and Baby's Sex

Does orgasm during intercourse affect the baby's sex?

Gender Reveal Party Games: Fun at Your Baby Shower

It may be cliche to think a room full of adults want to partake in gender reveal party games, but just because those overplayed baby shower games are no fun does not mean you have to skip them.

Baby Shower: What is a Gender Reveal Party?

The classic baby shower is now being replaced with the trendy gender reveal party.

Baby Shower: Checklist for a Gender Reveal Party

Holding a gender reveal party is a cool way to let everyone you know and love the sex of your baby, but do you have any idea how to plan a gender reveal party?

Heartburn and Baby's Hair

Does a lot of heartburn mean that the baby will have a lot of hair?

Can I Ask Questions of the OB?

Women are often the question askers during prenatal visits, but there is no reason why expecting fathers can’t ask questions as well. Playing an active role in prenatal care helps develop a strong parental foundation.

Steroids Not Safe for Treatment of CAH

CAH, or congenital adrenal hyperplasia, is a condition where otherwise female fetuses can be born intersex, with male genitals or with a male-sided brain.

Can You Really Custom Design Your Baby?

Is the timing of sex really applicable to the sex of the baby you conceived? Was it really possible to custom design your baby that way?

Is Gender Selection a Growing Trend?

How would you feel if people could actually pick the gender of their baby? It surprised me to hear that gender selection is actually gaining ground here in the United States.

How to Determine the Gender of Your Fetus

There are plenty of old wives’ tales that purport to tell which gender a baby is, as well as modern technological and medical advances that can predict and identify the gender. Here are some of the ways.

Does the Location of Your Baby Bump Indicate Gender?

As soon as you become pregnant, you’ll be overcome with questions. The question that will probably pop into your mind first will be about whether your baby is a girl or a boy.

Baby Shower: Choosing the Perfect Gender Reveal Party Theme

A party theme drives all other choices in party planning, including party invitations, timing, location, food and games. Gender reveal parties can follow a seasonal theme or they can give guests an off-the-wall look at your take on the gender reveal.

Does Morning Sickness Predict My Baby's Gender?

Does morning sickness predict if I am having a boy or girl?

Fetal Heart Rate

Can fetal heart rate predict my baby's sex?