infertility tests

    Fertility 101: Lesson 10 - It Is All About Testing

    The 3 major tests for infertility are: Checking for Ovulation, Checking his spermcount (spermanalysis), Checking tubal patency (Hysterosalpingogra or Laparoscopy) ... more »

    Essential Infertility Work-Up Checklist

    Infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant within a year (or 6 months for those 35 and over). ... more »

    Fertility Tests And Testing For Women And Men

    Infertility testing usually consists of several stepwise tests to detect and then treat causes of infertility. It usually takes less than 6 weeks to find out the causes of infertility. ... more »

    Infertility Testing and Infertility Tests

    About 80% of infertility is caused by one or more of these three problems: Ovulation problems, sperm problems, or fallopian tube problems. Infertility testing is straightforward. ... more »