Migraine Pain Meds Pose Limited Risk to Baby

    Pregnancy means eating for two and it also means medicating for two, a challenge for many moms-to-be. Women prone to migraine headaches must be very careful about taking medication to ease the pain, without harming their growing baby. ... more »

    How to Deal with Migraines during your Pregnancy

    If you’ve ever had a migraine, you know that it’s not just a typical headache. Migraines occur more commonly in women than in men, so the chances that you’ll experience one between the ages of 10 and 45 are high. ... more »

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    Preeclampsia is a life-threatening medical condition that typically occurs during the second half of pregnancy. The major signs of preeclampsia are high blood pressure and protein in the urine. ... more »


    Headaches and migraines are completely different creatures of pain. Migraines cause extreme head pains and can leave moms-to-be writhing in the dark. While hormones are thought to be part of the cause, there are other causes for migraines as well. ... more »

    Migraine Headaches and Preeclampsia

    Women with migraine headache are more likely to develop preeclampsia and women with either migraine or preeclampsia are at increased risk of stroke. ... more »

    Migraine Medication In Pregnancy

    Many experts caution pregnant women from taking unneccessary medications (especially strong pharmaceutical products) when they are pregnant, for fear of causing defects in the developing fetus. ... more »

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