Just Say No to Raw Milk for Expecting Moms and Babies

    There's a growing trend among advocates of a natural food diet toshun pasteurized milk and products made from pasteurized milk such ascheeses, butter, yogurt, sour cream, and ice cream. ... more »

    Got Milk? Get Taller Babies

    Thorhallur Halldorsson says, 'There aren't many prenatal dietary orenvironmental factors identified that explain growth in children (but)milk drinking may be one.' ... more »

    Drink more milk in pregnancy: It may make your child grow taller

    new study shows that the amount of milk a pregnant woman drinks is not only growth-promoting ifor weight and length at birth but may have an effect into early adult age. ... more »

    How to Decrease Your Baby’s Risk of Multiple Sclerosis

    Researchers are now finding that women who don’t drink enough milk during pregnancy can actually increase their child’s chances of developing multiple sclerosis during adulthood. ... more »

    The New Dietary Solution to Treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome

    Gastrointestinal issues such as nausea and constipation are experienced by many pregnant women, but when a woman has irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), typical pregnancy tummy aches can be even more uncomfortable. ... more »

    Raw Milk May Put You at Risk both During and After Pregnancy

    Though it's commendable that many people are attempting to eat lessprocessed, more natural and wholesome foods, there are certain caseswhen this isn't the best option. ... more »

    Guidelines for Rapid Milk Reduction: How to Stop Breastfeeding

    Rapid milk reduction is a bit of a misnomer. Reducing breastmilk takes at least a month before you feel comfortable in your breasts and you no longer feel like you have to express milk. ... more »

    Low-Fat Yogurt May Cause Asthma and Hay Fever

    Researchers have found a connection between eating low-fat yogurt during pregnancy and an increased risk of hay fever and/or asthma in their children. ... more »

    Bottlefeeding: Sanitary Choices and Formula Selection

    When choosing bottle feeding for a baby, it is important to maintain a sanitary environment with the bottles, nipples and formula. ... more »

    Alternative Feeding Methods

    Moms typically choose between prepared infant formulas and breast milk for feeding the baby. In rare cases, moms may not feel comfortable with either of these choices. Alternative feeding choices for the baby are limited, but there are some choices mom may want to research. ... more »

    Diet and Dairy Food and Infertility

    High intake of low-fat dairy foods diet may increase the risk of infertility whereas intake of high-fat dairy foods may decrease this risk. ... more »

    FDA Warning on Codeine and Breastfeeding

    The FDA today warned breastfeeding mothers who take codeine for after-birth pain to carefully watch their babies for signs of life-threatening drug side effects. ... more »