Newborn Pain Increases with Smoking

Newborns may be more stressed if mother chooses to smoke during the pregnancy, researchers are reporting this month. ... read more »

How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

A healthy pregnancy starts with variety. The foods you eat need to follow the food pyramid and cover each of the recommended food groups. ... read more »

Asthma More Likely in Low Birthweight Babies

Babies and infants born with lower than average birth weight may be at increased risk for developing asthma later in life. ... read more »

Honey is Dangerous for Babies

While you’re thinking about introducing new foods into your baby’s diet, you might wonder whether or not honey would be an acceptable addition. ... read more »

When Can Your Baby Eat Meat?

Though I’m a vegetarian, I certainly understand that meat has a place in a baby’s diet. Just as milk is an important part of a baby’s development, I assume it’s also important to introduce their digestive systems to meat at some point. ... read more »

Your Baby is Seeing Red…Literally

Since babies are born looking like they are perfectly developed and right on schedule, we often assume that they are done developing in the biological sense. In actuality, newborns have a long road of development ahead of them before they are anything like us adults. ... read more »

Should You Resist the Urge to Comfort Your Screaming Infant?

You’ve probably read that it’s important to teach your baby that alone time is okay. You’re supposed to put him down every so often and ignore his screams for you. This will be extremely difficult. Luckily, its importance is debatable. ... read more »

Practical Tips for New Parents

You can read every book, take every piece of family advice and listen to all the experts but you'll never learn the most important tips for being a new parent from any of those sources. Here's what I learned through four children, including a set of twins. ... read more »

Calming Baby is as Easy as S, S, S.

The human body needs rest to recuperate from pregnancy and childbirth but baby needs round-the-clock care, so how can you manage both? The S-S-S technique will surely bring your baby calm and you a lot more rest during the first 12 months of life. ... read more »

To Hydrate Your Newborn, Don’t Just Add Water

While it’s important that your newborn baby stays hydrated too, you should not be giving him or her water. Newborn babies get hydration from the milk they drink, whether it’s breast milk or formula. ... read more »

What to Do if your Newborn is Vomiting

If your baby is expelling fluid from his mouth and seems terribly bothered by it, there’s a good chance he is actually vomiting.  ... read more »

Newborns Put a Face to the Name - and the Voice

I am amazed by the new 4D ultrasounds that have become popular with mothers in the last few years. These incredibly detailed images allow anticipation-filled parents-to-be view a 3D image of their growing baby. ... read more »

Waiting Out the Umbilical Stump

Let’s face it – the umbilical stump is gross. Yes, seeing your baby all slimy right after birth is a magical moment. It’s natural and you feel a special connection with him or her, so you can easily look past the otherwise grotesqueness of the situation. ... read more »

Baby Teeth are Just as Important as the Rest of Him

Even though all of your baby’s teeth will fall out eventually, they are still extremely important. Many new parents fail to realize just how important these temporary pearly whites are because they realize that they’ll only be around for a few years. ... read more »

To See if Baby is Too Cold, Check the Neck

If you’ve just had your first baby, it won’t be long before you’re wishing he or she could talk. Babies are adorable when they’re silently taking in the world, but it can be overwhelming to try and decipher what they’re feeling at all times. ... read more »

Make Sure Baby is Fit to Fly

Last month, I boarded a plane in the early evening to head back home after a weekend away at a family wedding. As people sat down around me, everything was looking towards a quiet, stress-free ride. ... read more »

How to Handle a Newborn and a Toddler at the Same Time

It can be tough to juggle two young children at the same time. Check out a few of these tips for raising a newborn and toddler together without losing your mind. ... read more »

What to Do When Your Baby Starts Teething

If you’ve ever had dental pain, you know how all consuming it can be. While most other pain can be treated or at least ignored temporarily, pain that originates in the mouth and teeth is excruciating. ... read more »

A Father’s Touch Will Warm Your Baby

When my sister had her first child, I was so excited to help care for her, especially since my husband and I weren’t quite to the kid stage yet. I found it very difficult though, when my niece cried. ... read more »

The Dangers of Swaddling Your Baby Incorrectly

Considering your newborn has spent the past nine months in a warm and secluded place only to be thrust into the cold world of reality, it’s no wonder he or she misses home.  ... read more »

Keeping the Neighbors at Bay When Your Baby is a Screamer

We’ve all been in situations where we can’t escape the sounds of a baby wailing. Some situations are much worse than others. For example, sitting next to a screaming baby on an airplane is probably the single worst travel experience one might face in a lifetime. ... read more »

You Don’t Have to Hide Your Newborn from the Sun

When you bring your baby home for the first time, you’ll finally understand why your own mother was always such a worrywart. No matter how much baby-proofing you do in your home, everything is a threat. ... read more »

Baby Can Learn to Swim Earlier Than You Might Think

Have you ever seen one of those horrifying yet intriguing videos online where they throw a newborn baby into the water? Supposedly, babies can swim instinctively, or at least float in a way that allows them to survive until someone helps them. ... read more »

Tips for Altering Your Baby’s Sleep Cycle

When you finally bring baby home and fall into a routine, you might notice that his or her cycle seems a bit off. In the womb, babies usually sleep during the day while their mothers are active and wake up at night when their mothers are sleeping. ... read more »

Is Your Baby Getting Enough Sleep?

For some new moms, the phrase “sleeping like a baby” will suddenly seem like a cruel joke. Many babies seem to resist sleep and wake up at every opportunity they get. ... read more »

Should You Worry about Taking the Wrong Baby Home?

Really though, how commonly do babies get switched at birth? More importantly, how can new moms prevent it? I decided to look into this, and the truth is that it’s a pretty outdated problem. ... read more »

Why Your Baby Needs Tummy Time

After the "back to sleep" campaign gained popularity, moms learned that their babies should always sleep on their backs to prevent sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). ... read more »

Why Your Baby’s Sleep Cycles Will Work Against You

The first six months of your baby’s life might be the hardest of your life. You’ll worry about the amount of money your spending, about the decreased alone time you have with your spouse, and your utter exhaustion at the end of every day that keeps you from doing the things you really love. ... read more »

How to Treat Baby’s Dry Skin

One common problem that newborn infants face is dry skin. Their skin is a lot more sensitive than ours, so they won’t respond the same to soaps and lotions. ... read more »

Why Does Your Baby Have Bruises?

Many symptoms that are normal as an adult will seem outrageously worrisome when you notice them on your baby. For example, a minor sunburn or a scrape will probably go unnoticed on yourself but will make you loose sleep when you see them on your baby. ... read more »

Is Your Baby’s Head Asymmetrical?

When babies started spending all of their sleeping hours on their backs, their heads became misshapen. Obviously, a newborn baby has a lot of growing to do outside the womb, and when the head is in one position for too long it starts to grow into that position. ... read more »

Olive Oil Could Cure Your Baby's Cradle Cap

Babies are prone to certain conditions that are more bothersome for their parents than for themselves. Some conditions and ailments look bad, but a baby might not even notice. ... read more »

Can Shaken Baby Syndrome Occur Accidentally?

Though it’s hard to imagine, there are people in the world who purposely set out to hurt an innocent baby or child. Especially when you’re cuddling your own newborn baby, it’s frightening to think that anyone would ever intentionally hurt such a small creature. ... read more »

How Much Drool is Too Much?

It’s no secret that babies drool. While adults’ drooling is generally considered strange and uncivilized, baby drool is somehow endearing and comforting. Few people consider why their adorable babies might be drooling, but most just let it happen without thinking twice. ... read more »

Your Baby Needs a Masseuse as Badly as You Do

Infant massages actually have countless benefits. While your baby doesn’t have knots in his back from stress at work or strained muscles from a long jog, a massage can do a lot to relax your baby. ... read more »

Social Development Starts in the Delivery Room

You’ve probably never wondered how a baby knows exactly where to look when his mother holds him for the first time. Without fail, a baby always looks right into his mother’s eyes assuming he is developmentally healthy. ... read more »

Are Pets Safe around a Newborn?

While you’re going through your house late in your pregnancy covering all of the light sockets and securing the cabinet doors shut, you might be forgetting a major part of the baby-proofing process. ... read more »

Before Baby Arrives, Take Polly to the Vet

There are countless benefits to having pets. Especially when you have young kids in the house, pets can be an endless source of entertainment and love. ... read more »

How to Use the Rubber Bulb Syringe for Baby’s Congestion

If you’re worried, you should try clearing your baby’s nasal passage with a rubber bulb syringe. It’s an easy procedure and it gets even easier every time you do it. ... read more »

When to Check Your Baby for a Hair Tourniquet

There will be days when your baby just does not stop crying. You’ll make sure he’s well fed, cleaned up, and comfortable, but the wailing won’t stop. These are the days that expectant parents truly fear. ... read more »

Interpreting Your Baby’s Gaze

Their brains are not fully developed, and love is a complex feeling, as it involves many levels of caring and trust. However, as your offspring, there is no doubt your baby feels attachment and positive emotions. One way you’ll be able to tell is with her eye contact. ... read more »

Why Your Baby is Head Banging

Twenty percent of babies bang their head against their crib or any nearby object. In some cases, they’ll just roll their heads back and forth rhythmically. ... read more »

Should You Skip the Sling?

Baby slings are one of those new inventions that truly complete the modern-mom look. They come in stylish colors in patterns, and every mom-on-the-go in New York City and beyond can be seen toting their baby in a casual sling that compliments their outfit. ... read more »

What Does Your Baby’s Smile Mean?

I once heard that babies don’t actually smile because they’re happy. Instead, their raised cheeks and exposed gums were actually just involuntary facial movements no different than a kicking leg or a flailing arm. ... read more »

Learning What Your Baby’s Cries Mean

There are certainly benefits to being the picture perfect mom, but you shouldn’t feel like you’re behind the curve if you can’t live up to the expectations of your peers. ... read more »

Not All Vapor Rubs Are Safe For Baby

Many of us have fond memories of our mothers taking care of us when we were sick as children. Though some of the home remedies are now considered dangerous and outrageous, some still hold true as trusted treatment for minor symptoms at home. ... read more »

A Trick for Dealing with a Fussy Baby

While fussiness is extremely common in a toddler’s eating habits, there are a few ways you can try to combat it by changing your own habits as the mom. ... read more »

Don’t Baby Talk to Your Baby

Language is one of the most incredible feats of the human brain, and it is truly what separates us from other species. There is no definite moment when we are able to comprehend language, and it sort of comes in waves as we learn human behavior in general. ... read more »

Should You Use a Bath Seat for Your Baby?

Sitting up is one of the first major milestones in your baby’s life. Once he or she can sit up and look around, your baby will have the opportunity to get a good look at the world around them. ... read more »

Playing Music for Your Newborn

Sometimes, your newborn baby will be fussy for no reason. Even if you’re tried feeding him, changing his diaper and rocking him to sleep, he will cry and cry with no end in sight. Babies get this way sometimes because they become frustrated and uncomfortable. ... read more »