OTC Decongestant Doesn't Work: Researchers Want It Off the Market

    Phenylephrine has not been adequately tested as a decongestant until recently, prompting a team of research scientists to declare it so ineffective they urge the FDA to remove it from market. ... more »

    Yankee Stadium Scores Breastfeeding Grand Slam

    Yankee Stadium was pretty in pink when dozens of breastfeeding moms and families showed up for the game in hot pink T-shirts to celebrate “Breastfeeding Night with the New York Yankees." ... more »

    Spoiled Rotten: Irish Family's First Girl Born in 117 Years

    For one brand-new baby girl in Ireland, being spoiled rotten is more than a rite of passage: it’s an ancestral birthright. Saoirse Grace May is the first girl born into this Irish family in 117 years. ... more »

    Very Rare “Mono Mono” Twins — 2 Sets, 1 Hospital, 1 Week

    An exceptionally unusual event occurred at the Akron General Medical Center in Ohio, where the twins were born. A second set of mono mono twins was born there. ... more »

    Googling Pregnancy Around the World

    Stephens-Davidowitz turned to Google to test his pregnancy knowledge and found out 'much of what I thought about pregnancy was wrong, and that pregnancy plays out very differently around the world.' ... more »

    Beware Baby Safety Gates

    Baby safety gates work as ideal ways to define baby's realm of exploration but the extent of their safety depends on how safely they are used. ... more »

    Stay-at-Home Mom, SAHM, Housewife, Homemaker: Time for a New Label?

    The term "stay-at-home mom" is outdated according to Ester Bloom, a contributor to the Slate magazine. She's not enthusiastic about housewife, either, preferring instead the word homemaker. ... more »

    Baby Names: More About Parents Than Babies?

    Adults in the child's life are just as influenced by the child's name; considering the ramifications of a child's name makes baby-naming a fun but daunting task. ... more »

    Safety Alert: Baby Monitors Recalled Over Defective Batteries, Burn Risk

    Baby monitors sold under the Summer Infant brand name are being voluntarily recalled because the rechargeable batteries in them are known to overheat and some have ruptured. ... more »

    Latch: Window Decals Identify Breastfeeding-Friendly NYC Restaurants

    Move over, Zagat and Michellin. Latch has come to town. The Latch campaign uses a rating system to identify breastfeeding-friendly restaurants and supplies window decals to those most accommodating. ... more »

    Woman Known for Extreme Vegan Diet Gives Birth to “Perfect” Baby Boy

    The diet seems to have produced no ill effects on Anthony, her pregnancy, or her baby. Rowdy Nash was born on March 2, weighing a healthy 8.7 pounds and measuring almost 22 inches long. ... more »

    Consumer Reports’ Top 5 Infant Car Seats

    To keep your littlest passengers safe, Consumer Reports have devised a new series of rigorous tests for car seats for children of all ages. ... more »

    NICU Volunteer “Cuddlers” Embrace Labor of Love

    For some very lucky preemies, NICU volunteer 'cuddlers' come to the rescue. These volunteers are trained to hold and comfort NICU babies when parents and nurses can't be there. ... more »

    Yoga Mat Chemical in Hundreds of Everyday Food Products

    The sandwich chain, Subway, made headlines in recent days for announcing it would no longer use a tongue-twisting synthetic chemical in the loaves of bread made and sold at its sandwich shops. ... more »

    Delta Airline’s (Lack of) Breastfeeding Policy Unleashes Twitterstorm

    Lindsay Jaynes was just trying to be a responsible, informed mother to her 10-week-old son when she sent a tweet to the Delta Airlines Twitter account asking about their breastfeeding policy. ... more »

    Baby Selfies: There’s an App for That

    The Baby Selfie app uses baby-friendly sights and sounds to grab a baby's attention so you can get the best picture of your baby possible. ... more »

    Miami Aunt’s Freeway Rescue of Infant Nephew Emphasizes Value of Infant CPR

    Sebastian de la Cruz is one lucky little guy. His parents adore him, his aunt recently sprung into heroic action to save his life, and thefive-month-old boy will soon be somebody's big brother. ... more »

    Grace Amidst the Gridlock: Baby Born in Atlanta’s Snowy Traffic Jam

    Sheffield asked the driver what had become the usual question: 'Youstuck or broke down?' This time, he got a highly unusual response:'Nope. We're having a baby.' ... more »

    Football Fans Name Child ‘12th Mann’...and It’s a Girl!

    There's a very pretty little girl - a tiny, delicate little girl - Troy and Kelly Mann, are staunch fans of the Seattle Seahawks football team. ... more »

    Year of the Horse: What the Chinese Zodiac Says About Babies Born in 2014

    If you have a child due between January 31, 2014, and February 19, 2015, rest up now while you can. ... more »

    Borrow From the Pros For Valentine’s Day Babymoon Romance at Home

    Romantic couples-only escapes called babymoons are becoming an important part of pregnancy but they often involve travel. ... more »

    Born-in-a-Taxi Stories Have Nothing on This

    We've all heard stories about babies being born in a taxi with the gracious help of policemen, firefighters, and other personnel, but they have nothing on this story. ... more »

    Breastfeeding in the Sistine Chapel Gets Papal Blessing

    On January 12, 2014, Pope Francis blessed 32 babies with the rite of baptism and spoke with the babies and their parents, even encouraging mothers to breastfeed on the spot if a baby is hungry. ... more »

    58-YO Woman To Give Birth to Daughter’s Daughter

    Fifty-eight-year-old Julia Navarro of Provo, Utah, is about to become a grandmother for the first time. ... more »

    HIV-Positive Infant Cured

    In a small town in Mississippi, a mother reports to the hospital in labor. She has received no prenatal care and has no idea she is HIV-positive. When her infant is born, HIV tests are positive and suggest the infant contracted the virus in utero. ... more »

    Mediterranean Diet May Improve Fertility

    According to a new observational research study, the Mediterranean diet may include all the foods and nutrients the female body needs for optimal fertility. The connection between the Mediterranean diet and fertility is based on insulin re ... more »

    Jack Osbourne and the Baby Train – All Aboard

    The world was hugely surprised when Jack Osbourne, son of Ozzy Osbourne, announced he was engaged to Lisa Stelly. ... more »

    Long-Term Health Associated with Pregnancy Health

    According to the Society for Maternal-Fetal Health, the outcome of a woman's pregnancy may be a key indicator of her future health. ... more »

    Beyonce Hates the Way Hubby Smells

    Cravings and body changes are common during pregnancy, but R&B star Beyonce does not like one of the changes she's experiencing during pregnancy. According to the star, her sense of smell is dramatically different now than it was before pregnancy. ... more »

    Women Afraid of Childbirth Have More C-Sections

    Reports and research studies have noted a steady climb in C-section rates in the last decade. A new study found women are more likely to have a C-section because they are scared of childbirth. ... more »

    Anti-Inflammatory Medications Increase Miscarriage Risk

    According to a recent study, women who took anti-inflammatory medications during pregnancy were more likely to suffer a miscarriage than women who did not take the drugs. ... more »

    Preventing Violent Tendencies May Start In-Utero

    For most expecting parents, thinking of violence as it pertains to actions of their soon to be newborn is nearly impossible. ... more »

    Flame Retardant Clothing May Cause Low Birth Weight

    Researchers at the University of California have found a link between chemicals used to reduce fire risk on household items and lower birth weights. ... more »

    Diet May Influence Baby’s Gender

    Could choosing your baby's gender be as simple as changing the way you eat and diet? According to new research, it just may be- though not every dieter will find it simple. ... more »

    Six Dietary Strategies That Increase Fertility

    Diet plays a role in fertility, but new research shows just how much a woman's diet can affect her ability to become pregnant. Results from the Harvard's Nurses' Health Study suggest that the majority of infertility cases due to ovulation disorders are preventable through modifications of diet and lifestyle. ... more »

    The Birth Control Pill Changes A Woman's Memory and Mind

    Researchers at UC Irvine have found that women who take birth control pills appear to remember emotional events in a manner more similar to men. ... more »

    Herbal Remedies: Is Going Natural Safe During Pregnancy?

    Though medicine can be used to treat many discomforts of pregnancy such as nausea, vomiting, and anxiety, many women prefer a more natural approach with herbs to help alleviate these symptoms. ... more »