At What hCG Level Can You See Pregnancy on Ultrasound?

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Bright Spot Echogenic Focus And Down Syndrome

Occasionally a so-called 'echogenci focus' or bright spot is seen in the heart of the fetus. Does this suggest an increased risk of Down syndrome in the baby? ... read more »

The Gestational Sac In Pregnancy

The gestational sac is the structure surrounding the fetus early in pregnancy and its shape early in pregnancy (usually before 8-10 weeks) is important. ... read more »

Do All Children Fit Growth Charts?

I remember the first time I knew my idea of pregnancy, childbirth and parenting was flawed – my first ultrasound. My fetus did not fit on the screen of the ultrasound monitor and so went the rest of my life. ... read more »

Does Your Swollen Nose Mean a Girl is on the Way?

Before it can be determined on an ultrasound, you’ll be endlessly curious about the gender of your baby, and you might even be tempted to listen to some of those weird old wives’ tales about gender prediction. Some of them are obviously a lie, but some are harder to fact-check. ... read more »

How Common are Conjoined Twins?

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BabyTech Tuesday - New Smartphone Ultrasound Now Available

The MobiUS SP1 Ultrasound System is a Smartphone-powered ultrasound machine that is portable and more importantly, much less expensive. Though it can be purchased by anyone who has need of an ultrasound machine, it’s mainly been used by hospitals and small clinics. ... read more »

No Peeking! Are Ultrasounds Really Safe for Babies?

I’m always amazed at the way expectant mothers are able to interpret the images of their ultrasounds. What look essentially like grey and black blobs to me suddenly become hands, fingers, faces and knees to these excited women. ... read more »

Newborns Put a Face to the Name - and the Voice

I am amazed by the new 4D ultrasounds that have become popular with mothers in the last few years. These incredibly detailed images allow anticipation-filled parents-to-be view a 3D image of their growing baby. ... read more »