Three Common Fall Foods Are More Nutritious Than You May Think

    From golden to red hues and sweet to tart flavors, apples can please almost any palate. Apples are full of antioxidants which are linked to the prevention and control of gestational diabetes. ... more »

    Powerhouse Recipes for Powerhouse Fruits and Veggies

    A list of “powerhouse” fruits and vegetables (PFVs) was just published to help guide consumers into buying the most nutritious fresh produce in the market. The list ranks 41 fruits and vegetables by score, with 100 being the most nutritious. ... more »

    Newly Defined “Powerhouse” Fruits, Veggies Perfect for Pregnancy

    Dr. Jennifer Di Noia has made it easy to make healthy choices. She’s devised a food rating system that lists, by number, fruits and vegetables she describes as nutritional “powerhouses.” Even better, these powerhouse fruits and veggies (PFVs) are absolutely perfect for pregnancy. ... more »

    Live Healthier with 7 Fruit, Veggie Servings a Day

    The government of the United Kingdom recommends it's citizens consume five servings of fruits and/or vegetables every day for optimum health. A new study says mores better. ... more »

    Healthy Food Made Easy: What To Eat

    A plant-based diet — from the ground — provides all the nutrients a person needs for optimum health. Here are some of my favorite tricks for adding fruits and veggies to the meals I serve. These tips work as nicely during pregnancy as they do before and after. ... more »

    Five Great Hobbies During Pregnancy

    If you are expecting your first child then these weeks of your pregnancy are the last ones for a while during which you'll feel completely free to spread out materials and work on something without interruption. ... more »

    The Veggie Dilemma: Practicing What You Preach

    I was facing the veggie dilemma. I wanted my kids to eat healthy, but I was filling my body with crappy processed foods. ... more »

    Salads and Pregnancy

    There is nothing more refreshing than biting into a forkful of fresh salad made from folic acid-rich dark, leafy spinach. ... more »

    Kale and Hearty

    Kale is a veritable powerhouse of nutrition; the deep, forest green hue of this power green hints at the rich concentration of nutrients held within. ... more »

    Fiber: Fact and Fiction

    Most pregnant women know that fiber is a very important part of their diet, but now that we can easily find high fiber granola bars, yogurts, and juices, do we still need to get some fiber from fruits and vegetables? ... more »

    Is a Low-Acid Diet the Way To Go During Pregnancy?

    You may have heard of a new diet based on controlling the acid/base balance of the body to achieve a better state of health. The 'Alkaline Diet' is gaining popularity. ... more »

    Vegetables Affect Birth Weight, but Fruits Don’t

    We all know that fruits and vegetables are good for our health. Many of us try to add them to our diets every day. Both fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that are essential to our bodies. ... more »

    Men’s Fertility Tips: Eat Green Leafy Vegetables

    There’s nothing better than a pot of collard greens, kale or mustard greens. I grew up on these foods, but we just knew them as a tasty part of dinner – not as a male fertility booster. ... more »

    Importance of Both Whole and Refined Grains During Pregnancy

    During pregnancy, grains are an important source of energy and nutrients and should be included in most meals. ... more »

    Five Pantry Superstars for a Healthy Meal in Minutes

    Many pregnant women who lead hectic lifestyles are not always in themood to spend hours preparing a well balanced meal- but this doesn'tmean they can't eat healthy. ... more »

    The Perfect Pair: Food Pairings for Healthy Pregnancy

    Food synergyis the term that is used to explain this health-boostinginteraction that takes place in certain foods and beverages to enhanceanother's health benefits. ... more »

    New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthy Pregnancy and Better Fertility: Eat Foods that Improve Fertility

    There are plenty of foods that can help you become more fertile if youare trying to conceive. The good news is that you don't have to give upyour favorite foods for this New Year's resolution; you just have tochoose a little more wisely. ... more »

    Food Too Dirty to Eat During Pregnancy?

    The most important time to be careful about food safety is during pregnancy. Both mother and fetus are at high risk of some food borne illnesses due to weakened immune system during pregnancy. ... more »

    Consuming Green Veggies While Pregnant May Prevent Cancer in Offspring

    New research from the Linus Pauling Institute gives pregnant women another very good reason to eat their veggies ... more »

    Examples of a Twin Pregnancy Diet

    A twin pregnancy diet requires very small, protein-rich meals eaten every two hours throughout the day. ... more »

    Is it Okay to Diet in Pregnancy?

    For some women, the worries about pregnancy weight may cause her to diet. It is unsafe to diet in pregnancy, though weight loss is not dangerous in some cases, as was once thought. ... more »

    Questions About Weight Gain Answered

    Many women have questions about weight gain like, 'How much should I gain?' and 'Can I lose weight?' These and other questions about weight gain during pregnancy can be found below. ... more »

    What is the Timeline for Feeding Baby?

    Feeding baby does not have to be a trying experience, just follow this simple timeline and tweak for your baby as needed. ... more »

    Beet Green Salad with Cannellini Beans

    There is nothing more nutritious than a bowl of beans during pregnancy. Beans pack protein and complex carbohydrates into a tiny, tasty package. ... more »

    Steamed Artichoke Leaves and Lemon Butter Sauce

    The artichoke is one of those foods that seems impossible to cook and even more impossible to eat. ... more »

    Healthy Hummus with Chives – Perfect Fertility Food

    Women who have trouble getting pregnant often turn to nutrition to help aid in conception. While fertility experts agree that full fat foods and healthy fiber are fantastic means of boosting fertility, folic acid is often left out of the picture. ... more »

    Simple Creamed Spinach Soup for Mom’s to Be

    Doctors agree that full fat foods are ideal for improving fertility chances. Spinach is full of folic acid, which is essential for the brain development of the fetus in the first few weeks after gestation. ... more »

    Portobello Mushroom and Spinach Saute with Chickpeas

    Pregnant women may suffer from reduced appetite so packing in tons of good nutrition in a small space is essential. ... more »

    Mommies Mexican Coleslaw

    Sometimes, trying to get pregnant is just plain delicious. Mexican coleslaw is a tart and tangy variety of American coleslaw without the mayonnaise based dressing. Carrots and olive oil provide fantastic fertility fats and vitamins. ... more »

    Fertility Friendly Pinto Bean Soup with Red Chilis

    Beans are considered one of the healthiest foods to eat when trying to conceive. The rich fiber content is at the heart of the fantastic nutritional support provided by this soup recipe. ... more »

    Vegetarian Lentil Chili

    Folic acid is one of the most important B vitamins a pregnant woman can eat. This recipe is rich with folic acid to protect baby throughout the early days of pregnancy. ... more »

    Tomato-Mozzarella Sandwiches with Basil

    There is nothing better than eating a Tuscany-style tomato and mozzarella sandwich. This quick and easy lunch offers a great source of Vitamin C and calcium. ... more »

    Three Months of Fruits and Vegetables Could Better Nourish Fetus

    BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology has published a study linking fruit and vegetable consumption to the prevention of undernourished fetuses. ... more »

    Proper Pregnancy Nutrition

    Pregnant women used to be told to eat for two during pregnancy. But eating for the baby is much more involved than simply eating more food. ... more »

    Cabbage for Postpartum Breast Engorgement

    A study showed that the use of cabbage leaves may help women to keep breastfeeding after birth and also that it decreases engorgement. ... more »

    How to Eat Healthy During Pregnancy in 12 Steps

    A healthy pregnancy starts with variety. The foods you eat need to follow the food pyramid and cover each of the recommended food groups. ... more »

    Healthy Food Suggestions During Pregnancy

    Healthy food costs the same as unhealthy food, tastes better and is more nutritious. ... more »

    Fruits & Vegetables During Preganancy

    Fruits and vegetable should be part of your regular daily diet, as well as during pregnancy. ... more »

    Carrots and Pregnancy

    Carrots do not harm the fetus and eating a lot cannot lead to too much Vitamin A ... more »