How to Be a Good Father to Your Baby

Being a good father to your baby is not as daunting as it can seem. With a little common sense and a good sense of commitment, it can be one of the most rewarding things that one has ever done.

Periconception Tip #5: No Smoking or Drinking Alcohol

Periconception tip #5 of the 10 periconception tips that will help you improve your pregnancy chances and have a healthy baby.

Pregnancy Safety Guide

Everything you need to know about which activities, sports, foods, and exposures are safe during pregnancy.

Are Thermogenics Safe During Pregnancy?

Can I thermogenic supplements during pregnancy? The best selling thermogenic formulas are combinations of two drugs: caffeine and ephedrine...

The Link Between Alcohol, Drug Use, Smoking, and Stress During Pregnancy

Certain stress factor can pose a problem when trying to conceive and during pregnancy.

Teens Who Smoke Marijuana Affect Offspring Reaction to Opiates

There are many parents who admit to trying marijuana at least once during their teenage years. While it may not seem like a big deal at the time, smoking marijuana could have a long term effect that passes on to offspring.

More Babies Being Born Addicted to Opiates Every Hour

Infants are born addicted to opiates when the drugs are used during pregnancy by the pregnant woman. This study may be one of the first to look at the trend of opiate use during pregnancy on a national scale.

Brain Development Affected by Environment and Experience

Recent studies have revealed that maternal stress, weight and eating habits can affect infant health well into adulthood. A new study now reports that life experiences of the mother during pregnancy may also have an impact on health.

Meth Exposure Blunts Toddler Stress Response

According to researchers, maternal meth use could alter how the body reacts to stress with a blunted cortisol response. Abnormal cortisol response may be associated with behavioral problems and increased risk of asthma.

Genetic Variations in Infants with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS)

NAS is caused by opioid-dependence during pregnancy. Researchers revealed a connection between genetic variants in newborns with the condition, length of hospital stay and necessary treatment.

Financial Costs of Tobacco Versus Marijuana Use in Low-Income Pregnancies

According to a study published in the Journal of Addiction, Research and Therapy, marijuana use in pregnancy may be more prevalent than tobacco use because pregnant women perceive the drug as a safer alternative to tobacco use.

Treatment of Opioid Dependence in Pregnancy

Researchers from the University of Oslo recently completed a study investigating two possible opioid treatments commonly used in pregnancy in order to determine possible side effects or complications that may be associated with the drug combinations.

Buprenorphine and Naloxone for Opiod Dependence in Pregnancy

A report from Recovery Pathways in Michigan reveals no negative side effects to using buprenorphine and naloxone in pregnant patients with opiod dependence.

Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen (Vicodin) During Pregnancy and Breastfeeding

All about vicodin during pregnancy, breastfeeding and trying to conceive (TTC). Is it safe for use?

Researchers Suggest Paying Pregnant Women to Stay Drug Free

In a world so frequently centered on monetary gain it seems drug addiction is no different. A study was conducted using pregnant women addicted to cocaine and/or heroine in order to test this theory.

White Women Like to Smoke During Pregnancy

If you pass five pregnant white women this week, chances are high that at least one of them has smoked within the past month.

Safe Medicines In Pregnancy

While some medications are considered safe to take during pregnancy, the effects of other medications on your unborn baby are unknown.

Effect of Prescribed Methadone on Infant Vision

Misuse of drugs during pregnancy has been found to increase the risk of infant visual impairments. Researchers from the Princess Royal Maternity in Glasgow recently published a study in the journal Pediatrics on the infant visual evoked potentials (VEP).

Marijuana’s Effects on the Fetal Brain

Like alcohol and tobacco, caution must be exercised during pregnancy when smoking marijuana as the developing fetus is exposed to everything its mother consumes during that time.

Phentermine - Diet, Pregnancy, and Miscarriage

Phentermine is categorized as category C in pregnancy because it is chemically related to amphetamines, which have been shown to cause miscarriages and birth defects.

Dalmane During Pregnancy - Is It Safe?

Dalmane is a category X drug and it should not be taken during pregnancy.

Alcohol, TTC, and Pregnancy

Even one glass of alcohol can significantly harm the developing fetus.

FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA Has Reviewed Possible Risks of Pain Medicine Use During Pregnancy

In a drug safety communication issued today, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) says it is aware of recent reports "questioning" the safety of prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) pain medicines when used during pregnancy, but that it lacks adequate studies to change current recommendation

Five Recreational Drugs That Affect Fertility

These five recreational drugs are all expected to have some negative impact on male fertility – though alcohol and smoking use are currently under debate as research is starting to show some men have no fertility issues despite smoking and drinking.

Prenatal Expose to Cocaine Affects Brain Development, Not Structure

Doing drugs while pregnant is not a good idea. I think that’s a statement most people can agree with. An acquaintance of mine adopted a child a long time ago when they found out that they couldn’t have children, and they eventually decided to adopt a special needs child.

You Might Be Required to Take a Drug Test after Conception

When you become pregnant, your doctor will administer a wide range of tests. Most of these tests will be done to make sure there are no complications that could negatively affect your pregnancy.

Methadone Users Are More Likely to Have Drug-Affected Children

Methadone is a synthetic analgesic drug that is used as a substitute to treat morphine and heroin addiction. Even if mothers are not actively on heroin or other opiates, methadone has its own consequences when taken while pregnant.

Marijuana in Pregnancy

Is marijuana use safe during pregnancy?

Legally Speaking: Substance abuse and Pregnancy

How has the legal system dealt with the problem of women's substance abuse during pregnancy? There is no state which criminalizes drug use during pregnancy.

Drug Abuse Causes Long-Term Impairment of Sexual Performance

Drug abuse can have direct, immediate and devastating effects of sexual performance and fertility. Men who seek rehabilitation to stop drug abuse may be surprised to find out that sexual performance may be lacking even after they stop taking drugs.

Breastfeeding Safety

Choosing to breastfeed your baby is a huge responsibility. There are certain things you need to take into account while breastfeeding. You must pay close attention to what you ingest and what activities you do that may affect your baby while nursing them.

Drug Abuse, Fertility and Pregnancy Complications

According to the March of Dimes, nearly 4 percent of the pregnant women in the United States use illicit drugs. Using illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine, Ecstasy, or heroin can have serious health consequences for pregnant women and their babies.