Having a baby is a life-changing experience. There is so much to learn and know about from newborn care and baby's health and development to simpler but necessary things like bathing your baby and taking care of your baby's cold, and so much more.

Cuba Mother and Baby

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Austria Mother and Baby

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Spain Mother and Baby

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Russian Mother and Baby

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Scandinavian Mother and Baby

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Native American Mother and Baby

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Nepalese Mother and Baby

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Peruvian Mother and Baby

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Switzerland Mother and Baby

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 Philippines Mother and Baby

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Newborn Baby Checklist

Babies, like any other new additions to the home, require certain special items to help daily life flow easier. Here is a helpful checklist to make sure you have everything your newborn needs! ... read more »

Must-Have Baby Gear Checklist

There are so many things to buy or add to your baby shower registry. Here are some must-have items to get before baby arrives. ... read more »

Nice to Have Baby Gear Checklist

The must-have list is complete and your home is ready for baby. Now, you have enough time to work on the nice to have checklist. ... read more »

Junk Food and Pregnancy

Pregnancy cravings are perfectly normal, but when the cravings are for junk food, you will need to try to resist, or at least enjoy it in moderation. ... read more »

What is a Baby's Moro Reflex?

If anything were to happen to your baby, he or she would be one hundred percent helpless. It’s a sad realization, but human babies have very few defenses and without your supervision, they are extremely vulnerable. ... read more »

How to Tell if Baby’s Clothes are Too Tight

If your baby is having a screaming fit, check to see how tight his or her clothes are. Often, babies are uncomfortable, and it can be difficult for parents to gauge how tight the clothing must feel. ... read more »

Whiskey is Risky: No Alcohol for Teething Baby

When a baby is teething, that pain is all over his or her mouth. Every tooth is poking its way up through the gums slowly, which is why your baby will be cranky and irritated through the teething process. ... read more »

Cord Blood Banking

What is cord blood banking and how can it help me and my baby? ... read more »

The Drano Test to Predict the Baby's Sex

Mixing drano with urine does not only not detect the baby's sex but it's also very dangerous. ... read more »

How to Deal With Sibling Rivalry Toward a New Baby

Sibling rivalry is universal, and as ancient as Cain and Abel, brothers in the Bible. Experts believe that it comes from competition for parental attention, approval, and love. ... read more »

An Unexpected Risk of Feeding a Baby Who is Laying Flat

It can take time for you to learn how to properly position your baby while feeding him. Especially if you’re breastfeeding, you’ll need to find a position where both you and your baby are comfortable. ... read more »

Pregnancy After Menopause: Is It Possible?

Can you get pregnant after the change? ... read more »

Is Baby Getting Enough Vitamin D?

For the most part, your breast milk is packed with nutrients for your baby. When you first begin breastfeeding, the milk is going to be thicker because it is essentially a shot of immunoglobins for your baby. ... read more »

Travel Safety During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it's generally safe for pregnant women to travel safely, but some precautions must be taken as to the places of travel and circumstances. ... read more »

Traveling in Pregnancy

Generally, as long as there are no complications or difficulties during your pregnancy, you are safe to travel during pregnancy at any time.  There are a few concerns with your travel, mostly in terms of comfort and convenience for you and the baby. ... read more »

Does Your Baby Have Cold Feet?

What does it mean if your baby's feet are always cold? ... read more »

Itchy and Scratchy: How to Treat Your Child's Eczema

Eczema is a common pediatric skin condition causing an itchy rash, which when severe can cause irritability, sleep problems and if it gets infected it can make your little one unwell. ... read more »

Are Camera Flashes Harmful to a Baby’s Eyes?

Though my mom was thrilled to have so many photos of me in different outfits, she did admit recently that she used to worry about my eyesight. I was exposed to the bright, powerful flash very early. ... read more »

Are Pickles the Perfect Baby Snack?

Today my sister-in-law sent a video of her four-month-old son eating a pickle as a snack. The video was absolutely adorable. He is just on the verge of short words (he’s a very fast learner), so he was cooing as he nibbled on the pickle proudly. ... read more »

Post Term Pregnancy

When a pregnancy goes postdates and lasts beyond the 42nd week, the size of baby, integrity of the placenta and the possibility of baby having a bowel movement in-utero are all of great concern to the attending obstetrician. ... read more »

5 Baby Gear Items You Should Leave in the Store

Having a new baby is exciting and expensive. There are essentials that every family must buy ' diapers, wipes, food, clothing and a safe place to sleep. ... read more »

Breastfeeding Basics for Mom

The art of breastfeeding offers a bond between mother and child like no other bond on earth. This is not to mention the fact that the colostrum is the best choice for babies first meals of life. ... read more »

Don’t Feel Too Guilty When the TV Plays Babysitter

You’re probably familiar with the feelings of guilt as you watch your children’s eyes glue themselves to the TV screen. But, is watching TV really something you should prevent your kids from doing? As it turns out, TV might not be as evil as we’ve previously assumed. ... read more »

Alcohol, Drug Use, Smoking, and Stress During Pregnancy

Certain stress factor can pose a problem when trying to conceive and during pregnancy. ... read more »

Risks of Preterm or Premature Labor and Delivery

Learn about contractions and cervical changes before 37 weeks. ... read more »

Postpartum Exercise: What Is Safe?

If you want to start postpartum exerces right after delivery, you can go ahead as long as you feel OK and there are no contraindications. ... read more »

Combating Worry: A Guide for Parents

Many parents describe feeling overwhelmed with a sense of worry. Left unchecked this can lead to sleep disturbance, depression, lack of focus, health and relationship problems and seriously affect your bonding with your child. ... read more »

Preparing for a New Baby in the Home

Preparing for a baby’s arrival in the home is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. Most families choose to wait until late in the second trimester to prepare the baby’s room just to ensure the pregnancy is safe ... read more »

Co-Bedding Safety Issues

Parents tend to choose co-bedding as a solution to late night crying and sleep deprivation. While co-bedding may help solve these problems, some experts report that the baby is at a higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome and accidental death when sleeping beside a parent. ... read more »

Clothing and Fetal Safety

Finding the right pregnancy clothes can be a difficult task, especially when you'll need exercise clothes, business clothes, dress clothes, and don't forget jackets and coats! ... read more »

What Is the Apgar Score?

The Apgar score is named after a New York anesthesiologist, Dr. Virginia Apgar, who in 1952 described the score as a means to assess the baby's status 1 and 5-minutes after birth. Learn what it means for your baby. ... read more »

Top Five Male Baby Names By Year 1911-2010

Here are the top 5 male baby names for each year for the last 100 years from 1911 to 2010. ... read more »

Top Five Female Baby Names By Year 1911-2010

Here are the top 5 female baby names for each year for the last 100 years from 1911 to 2010. ... read more »

How to Cut a Newborn's Nails

Cutting a newborn baby's nails can cause anxiety for a parent as they do not want to hurt their baby. ... read more »

Pregnancy and HIV

Getting pregnant when a woman is HIV+ can be a tough decision to make if the woman already knows her status. If she doesn't, there are still ways to protect the baby. ... read more »