Menopause Alternative Treatments – 5 You Need to Know

At the end of a woman's reproductive life, there is menopause. By the time women enter their menopause years, most are finished having children and many have grandchildren running around. Natural menopause gradually reduces estrogen, progesterone, and other female hormone levels in the body. ... read more »

Can My Baby Girl Be Having a Period?

You've just given birth to a baby girl and you've decided to breastfeed. After about a week at home you notice her breasts have these little lumps and she passing pink or red discharge in her diaper. ... read more »

My Infertility Journey: The Testing (Part 2)

I was pretty excited to be going to the fertility specialist. I had every confidence the doctor would ask some questions, do some testing, and tell me how to fix whatever was wrong so I could get pregnant. My husband wasn't so excited. ... read more »

Puberty at 3 Months Old: What Would You Do?

Three months after birth, her grandmother noticed pubic hair had already started growing. When the baby girl's parents took her to the doctor to find out what was happening, they were told she was going through puberty at only three months old. ... read more »

Mom Might Not be The Only One with Swollen Breasts

You’re certainly well aware that your own breasts might become swollen during your pregnancy as a result of raging hormones, but did you know that your baby’s breasts might be swollen too? ... read more »