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Child of God - 3 days 6 hours ago - 0 comments

Noted body symptoms:

Not pregnant, Cycle 10

breck14 - 2 weeks 18 hours ago - 0 comments

We did not get a BFP again this month, so frustrated. read more...


breck14 - 1 month 5 days ago - 0 comments

I had my HCG today, I forgot to take any pain medication before hand and that probably would have helped a little. It was so painful and I was so embarrassed at how much I yelled. read more...


Sduck32 - 2 months 3 days ago - 0 comments

I lost my baby yesterday. I am a little disappointed but I know God has a plan so I am going to wait on Him. read more...


QueenKellee - 2 months 1 week ago - 0 comments

I haven't been pregnant in years. My oldest son is 18 and after 4 months of trying I missed aunt flow Dec. 8, 2017. So I'm stuck wondering, Why is my period 5 days late on Dec. 13, 2017? read more...