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Implantation Bleeding: The First Pregnancy Sign

  • 3 day blastocyst implantation fertilization3 day blastocyst implantation fertilization

    Find out how to tell the difference between implantation bleeding, the beginning of pregnancy or the start of your period, and find out "when does implantation bleeding occur".

When Does Implantation Bleeding Occur?

Implantation bleeding and spotting is among the very first of the typical pregnancy symptoms and pregnancy signs. It is thought to happen when the fertilized egg attached to the lining of the uterus. Some women experience bleeding upon implantation while others never do. Having bleeding can also be confused with having menstrual bleeding or your period. This form of bleeding when you are pregnant is normal and requires no specific treatment but you can have a normal pregnancy without it.

Difference Between Implantation Bleeding and Menstrual bleeding aka Your Period

There are four characteristics of the bleeding or spotting that can differentiate between a period or implantation symptoms. You can identify whether the bleeding is associated with implantation or a menstrual period by the following characteristics:

  1. TIMING:
    Implantation bleeding happens about 6-12 days after ovulation while a menstrual period happens 14 days after ovulation
  2. CHARACTER: Implantation bleeding is just a couple of drops while a menstrual period is much more
  3. COLOR: A menstrual period is usually bright red while implantation is more brownish
  4. DURATION:Bleeding associated with implantation lasts up to one day while a menstrual period lasts 3-5 days