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Sperm Count Calculator

Sperm Calculator

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Valid Range: 0.1 - 30
million / ml
Valid Range: 0.1 - 999.9
Valid Range: 0 - 100
Valid Range: 0 - 100
Valid Range: 0 - 100

Sperm Lifesperm count, also known as a semen analysis, is a test of a man's ejaculate to check for problems that may contribute to infertility. Normal findings vary from one laboratory to the other. The WHO (World Health Organization) 1992 criteria are usually used as the "gold standard" for a normal sperm count

However, it's not just the total number of sperm that's important when assessing the male fertility, but also the other parameters like motility and morphology. 

The BabyMed Sperm Calculator provides you with additional information about his fertility. It calculates the total motile sperm count while at the same time taking into consideration the important parameters assessed with the sperm analysis and. Please refer to normal spermanalysis values for more information.

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