Over 15 million couples are trying to conceive each year, and many are not successful.

But even when you get pregnant, problems can happen. Despite an extensive public health outreach and education, more than 500,000 babies are born prematurely in the US and an estimated 28,000 children die before their first birthday each year in the.

There are many issues causing these outcomes, including education, health care access, poverty, and negative health behaviors. However, research supports that increasing knowledge around health can help people stay healthier.

To help more pregnant women and new moms get information about caring for their health and giving their babies the best possible start in life, Dr. Amos and BabyMed have provided for many years  a free messaging service for women trying to conceive and those already pregnant.

BabyMed and Dr. Amos support moms and moms-to-be by providing accurate, text-length health information and resources in a format that is personal and timely, using a channel she knows and uses. 

How does BabyMed Fertility & Pregnancy Messaging Work?

Registration is easy.

STEP 1: Sign up for BabyMed and confirm your membership.

STEP 2:  Sign in and go to My BabyMed

STEP 3:  Go to "Fertility Data" and enter your status (Fertility/TTC or Pregnant) as well as your due date if you are pregnant or LMP. Then check ON to Susbscribe to the BabyMed Reminders. 

You are DONE

If you are trying to get pregnant, BabyMed and Dr. Amos will now send you regular information on how to improve your chances getting pregnant. For trying to conceive women these messages are timed to your ovulation and fertility data.

If you are already pregnant, we will send you 2-3 times a week pregnancy information based on the correct time of your pregnancy. For pregnant women, these messages are timed to your due date or your baby’s birth date. 

Once registered and signed in, you will start receiving free messages with tips for your pregnancy or caring for your baby.

DID YOU KNOW? Your present status is updated daily in the right upper corner of the BabyMed site.

Go to MyBabyMed NOW to sign up and get your FREE messages