Prices are in US$. We now accept payments through PayPal. Just send us your Paypal email address and we will send you the invoice.

Leaderboard Banner (minimum 500 K)
$ 15 CPM
Left Skyscraper (minimum 500 K)
$ 15 CPM
Right 300x250 (minimum 500 K)
$ 15 CPM
Bottom 460x60 Ad (minimum 500 K) $ 8 CPM

 Top center leaderboard banner on the following pages (Your banner would be the only one on these pages):

 Fertility Calendar (650+K/month)  $ 5000 / month
 Pregnancy Calendar  (300+K/month)  $ 2,500 / month
 Quizzes (1 Mil+/month)  $ 6,000 / month
 Community  $ 3,000 / month












Roadblocks across BabyMed.com allow for high-impact advertising opportunities to launch campaigns and generate immediate recognition of a brand on this site

Skin Ads are also available on BabyMed.com

Expandable ads are another good way to get recognized by our users


  • We will be placing ads that are related to the general theme of the site.
  • We reserve the right to refuse an ad campaign if we feel it is inappropriate.
  • Banners should be less than 12k in size and animation is welcome. Buttons should be less than 10k. Banners and buttons are to be one piece.
  • Payment (in US dollars) is due before the banners and/or other advertising are placed within the site or within the newsletter.
  • We reserve the right to change pricing with 14 days (two weeks) notice to current advertisers who will then have the option of either renewing or ending their campaign.  
  • Advertising is issued on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Campaigns are purchased for a minimum of 1 month.