Should Your Baby Have the Flu Shot?

Flu season
is right around the corner. With flu season comes the influx of flu
vaccination offers. The CDC reports
around 20,000 children require hospital care each year from the flu,
but how young is too young to get the flu vaccine?

Is Pregnancy Different for Moms?

That first
pregnancy is an experience that can never be repeated. You approached
parenthood with a novice set of eyes. Every experience was a new
experience, every pain a new pain and every stress was a new stress.

Did I Cause My Son's Food Allergy?

When I was
raising my twins, I remember the pediatrician telling me to hold off on
introducing common food allergens until they were 12 months
old. I followed the guidance
of my pediatrician, but with the first introduction of peanuts my son
suffered an allergic reaction.

Drinking Reported in 18% of First Trimester Pregnancies

Despite warnings of fetal alcohol syndrome, pregnant women are still putting bottle to mouth and binge drinking in the first trimester of pregnancy, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Dental Health Important During Pregnancy

A new report from the AAP claims poor periodontal health may be at increased risk of premature delivery or having a low birth weight baby. These potential outcomes are supported by the European Federation of Periodontology.

Fetal DNA Changes Persistent

The womb is
supposed to be the safest place on earth for the fetus, but what if
maternal choices cause DNA changes that affect offspring for a lifetime?
That's just what researchers from the Mailman School of Public Health
recently reported.

Mental Health Issues Linked to Junk Food

Pregnancy is a time to eat the foods you love and especially, crave, but researchers now believe giving in to those cravings for junk food may have long-term effects on offspring.

Gestational Diabetes and Sleep Apnea

According to
a study published n the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and
Metabolism, women with gestational diabetes could have up to a 75%
chance of developing obstructive sleep apnea.

Over-the-Counter or Prescription Prenatal Vitamins?

Walk through the vitamin aisle at any major retail or vitamin store and you are likely to see a prenatal vitamin. When I was pregnant with my children just 10 years ago prenatal vitamins were prescribed, not taken as
over-the-counter supplements.

CrossFit and Pregnancy

I recently stumbled on a blog post claiming Crossfit is safe for pregnant women. While staying physically active during pregnancy is vital, Crossfit may not by ideal for the majority of pregnant women.

Is Facebook a Good Source of Pregnancy Advice?

popularity of social media as a sharing platform for medical advice has
grown dramatically as tens of millions of people connect to each other,
businesses and information portals, but not all information is accurate
or trustworthy.

Is Your Stroller Causing Hyperactivity?

New parents
take great care in choosing just the right stroller. They shop for
comfort, ease of use and style, but what if after all that shopping and
careful selection the stroller you chose caused serious health issues
for your child?