Is Pregnancy Different for Moms?

That first
pregnancy is an experience that can never be repeated. You approached
parenthood with a novice set of eyes. Every experience was a new
experience, every pain a new pain and every stress was a new stress.

CrossFit and Pregnancy

I recently stumbled on a blog post claiming Crossfit is safe for pregnant women. While staying physically active during pregnancy is vital, Crossfit may not by ideal for the majority of pregnant women.

Is Your Stroller Causing Hyperactivity?

New parents
take great care in choosing just the right stroller. They shop for
comfort, ease of use and style, but what if after all that shopping and
careful selection the stroller you chose caused serious health issues
for your child?

The Effect of Advanced Parental Age on Parenting

When I was in school, nearly all of my peers had parents that were generally the same age. I remember one classmate who did not fall into that group. Her father was in his late 60s when she was a senior in high school.

Do All Women Enjoy Pregnancy?

I blame Hollywood for convincing me that pregnancy was going to be nothing but rosy cheeks, smiles and tummy rubs from strangers. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but I never expected to hate being pregnant.

Bad Parenting: When Should I Step In?

There are limits to confronting parents about their parenting choices. Just because a parent does not believe in the disciplinary style you believe in does not mean they are putting their children at risk – and that’s what’s truly important – risk.

Is Maternal Instinct Real?

There are experts who believe maternal instinct is not a genetic, basic
drive at all, but rather a learned behavior developed during pregnancy
and infancy via hormonal changes and close bonding.

Are You Defined by a Parenting Style?

The idea of describing a set of parents based on a set of pre-determined
characteristics is not a new concept, though the need to define parents
and place them into parenting style categories is a modern ploy.

BMI Changes During Pregnancy: Normal to Obese

Research studies have proven obesity is a major concern during
pregnancy. Pregnancy complications associated with pre-pregnancy obesity
may include increased risk of C-section and excessive fetal weight

Should I Consider a Water Birth?

I remember toying with the idea of a water birth with my first two
children. I can’t say I thought of the idea on my own. I watched a water
birth on television and was amazed by the fact that an infant can be
born into the water and swim to the surface.

How Bad Does Labor Really Hurt?

The million-dollar-question many pregnant women want answered is about
the truth behind labor pain. Labor pain, like all other forms of pain,
cannot be described in a way that pertains to all pregnant women.

New Cancer Treatment Protects Ovarian Function

More than 70,000 cancer diagnoses are given each year to patients
between 15 and 39 years old. Many patients are women still in their
reproductive years. The life-saving chemotherapy these women need is the
same chemotherapy that kills off any hopes of natural reproduction.