Can Overweight Women Have Healthy Pregnancies?

There are tons of studies and articles about the negative impact of excess weight on pregnancy, but with a large portion of the population living overweight or obese, there are bound to be tons of women out there who
have successful, healthy pregnancies.

Dealing With Anger When Friends Conceive

You have
been trying to conceive for what feels like forever. You want to have a
child and you’ve followed every suggestion your fertility specialist has
offered. You are about to jump into fertility drugs and assisted
reproduction when a friend gets pregnant.

Answering the Tough Questions as a Parent

conception to pregnancy and childbirth to child rearing, you probably
think you've heard and seen everything. Until your child drops one of
those common but tough questions. I've always welcoming the tough
questions my children pose.

The Effect of Advanced Parental Age on Parenting

When I was in school, nearly all of my peers had parents that were generally the same age. I remember one classmate who did not fall into that group. Her father was in his late 60s when she was a senior in high school.

Do All Women Enjoy Pregnancy?

I blame Hollywood for convincing me that pregnancy was going to be nothing but rosy cheeks, smiles and tummy rubs from strangers. I always knew I wanted to be a mom, but I never expected to hate being pregnant.

Bad Parenting: When Should I Step In?

There are limits to confronting parents about their parenting choices. Just because a parent does not believe in the disciplinary style you believe in does not mean they are putting their children at risk – and that’s what’s truly important – risk.

Is Maternal Instinct Real?

There are experts who believe maternal instinct is not a genetic, basic
drive at all, but rather a learned behavior developed during pregnancy
and infancy via hormonal changes and close bonding.

Kids or no Kids: Do All Women Want Children?

Some experts theorize that mother/daughter relationships play an important part in the desire to have children; others theorize testosterone levels in the womb and body play a part in maternal instinct.

Is Being an OAP a Badge of Courage?

I’ve noticed a huge influx of men and women putting themselves in the
exclusive OAP group as if it is a badge of courage. OAP stands for only
active parent, which means the other parent is not active from a
relationship or parenting angle.

Kids, Stress and Pregnancy

The average family has two to three children. That means at least once in your life you are likely to be pregnant with one or more children in the home. Raising children is one of the most empowering, stressful life events. Stress can lead to pregnancy complications.

How Can Dad be a Part of Breastfeeding?

You may have
noticed some gentle looks of sadness coming from your husband from the
moment you started breastfeeding. Though many husbands fail to admit it,
they sometimes feel lost by the idea that they have no part in the
feeding process.

Why Do Dads Want Sons?

It is
disheartening how many forum topics address this question. Why are sons
so important to fathers? If the question was asked 50 or 60 years ago,
the answer would be simple – fathers want to pass on the family name and
keep the bloodline alive.

Do Dads Resent Staying at Home?

Today, more men are staying home with the kids than ever before, but despite the rise in stay-at-home dads, there could be an unresolved issue some working moms are missing. Is your stay-at-home dad resenting you for being the one working outside the home?

How Old is Too Old for Breastfeeding?

The great debate among breastfeeding women started a short while ago with a picture of a breastfeeding mother on the front cover of Time Magazine. The picture showed an almost four year old little body breastfeeding while standing on a chair.

Is Race Associated with Fertility?

According to research published in the journal Fertility and Sterility, race may play an important part in the success of fertility treatments.

Should I Potty Train Before Trying to Conceive?

This is the
reason potty training experts say toddlers should start potty training
at 18 months – not because they are all emotionally ready, but because
the body is physically capable of learning how to hold it at 18 months.

Are You Defined by a Parenting Style?

The idea of describing a set of parents based on a set of pre-determined
characteristics is not a new concept, though the need to define parents
and place them into parenting style categories is a modern ploy.