BMI Changes During Pregnancy: Normal to Obese

Research studies have proven obesity is a major concern during
pregnancy. Pregnancy complications associated with pre-pregnancy obesity
may include increased risk of C-section and excessive fetal weight

Should I Consider a Water Birth?

I remember toying with the idea of a water birth with my first two
children. I can’t say I thought of the idea on my own. I watched a water
birth on television and was amazed by the fact that an infant can be
born into the water and swim to the surface.

Anna Jarvis: Childless Woman Fought for Mother’s Day

Every year in May, children and fathers rush around trying to give mom a few special memories celebrating the gift of motherhood. Mother’s Day is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States, but at the heart of the holiday is Anna Jarvis.

What is a Failed IVF Cycle?

There may be a misconception among men and women seeking fertility help
that all IVF cycles are complete and successful, but that is not the
case. There are several reasons why an IVF cycle cannot be completed –
often referred to as a failed IVF cycle.

What is 3-Parent IVF?

At the heart of the female egg is a power source – the mitochondria. If
the mitochondria do not work properly, the fetus does not develop as
intended and birth defects, spontaneous abortion, miscarriage and other
complications can arise.

Your Coffee Habit is Hurting Your Fertility

Rarely a morning goes by when I don’t brew two – yes two – pots of coffee. Between me and my husband, we drink coffee morning, noon and night. There is a brief respite in the middle for some soda, water or tea, but then we end the night with coffee.

Do All Children Fit Growth Charts?

I remember the first time I knew my idea of pregnancy, childbirth and
parenting was flawed – my first ultrasound. My fetus did not fit on the
screen of the ultrasound monitor and so went the rest of my life.

How Bad Does Labor Really Hurt?

The million-dollar-question many pregnant women want answered is about
the truth behind labor pain. Labor pain, like all other forms of pain,
cannot be described in a way that pertains to all pregnant women.

New Cancer Treatment Protects Ovarian Function

More than 70,000 cancer diagnoses are given each year to patients
between 15 and 39 years old. Many patients are women still in their
reproductive years. The life-saving chemotherapy these women need is the
same chemotherapy that kills off any hopes of natural reproduction.

Can Missed Periods Cause Infertility?

One of the most common health issues women face is irregular periods. Nearly every woman will suffer from them at some point in life, but when irregular periods turn into missed periods you may need to see your gynecologist.

When Will My Doctor Induce Labor?

As your due date grows closer your body and mind start getting restless. You want to meet your new baby and your body is ready to start the recovery process.

Celebrity Mom Blogs: Hype or Helpful?

You may think celebrity moms fade out of the spotlight after the pregnancy and birth, but many celebrity moms choose to hit the blogger circuit offering tips, product suggestions, and advice to moms all over the Internet.

Are Compounded Drugs Safe for Use During Pregnancy?

With news of deaths associated with compounded drugs created by New
England Compounding Center reaching a feverous pitch, the risk of
compounding drugs and the role of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
in the production of these drugs is up in the air.