What is Prodromal Labor?

I remember being pregnant with baby one and baby two – no contractions,
no symptoms of labor – nothing but planned C-sections due to my
interesting ability to grow larger than normal fetuses.

Hot Flashes During Pregnancy: Breathe Deeper

Every one of my pregnancies was plagued with hot flashes. My first time around I swore the heat was associated with being extremely pregnant in the summer, but my second child was born in January and I suffered the same hot flashes. By my third pregnancy, with twins, I was uncomfortable for the last few months.

Your Feet Will Grow During Pregnancy

During all three of my pregnancies I swore my feet were growing. Even
the comfy shoes I loved so much no longer fit and I was left with
slippers and oversized shoes that I inevitably threw away after birth.

Can You Stop Menopause by Freezing an Ovary?

According to research and practice in the UK, women may be able to stop menopause and preserve fertility for as long as they’d like. We currently freeze eggs and sperm, so is it such a big medical jump to freeze ovaries whole?

Can I Eat Too Much Fiber During Pregnancy?

Fiber is something that needs to be added to your diet slowly to prevent excessive gas and pain. Eating too much fiber too quickly can leave a pregnant woman feeling bloated, gassy and crampy, but it will not hurt the fetus.

4 Things You Should NOT Buy for Baby

An impulse buy plays on your emotions as an expecting or new parent and
lures you into the “that’s so cute” zone. Before heading out for a day
of shopping for baby, learn the top 4 things you should not buy for

4 Postpartum Pains and How to Relieve the Pain

Just because labor is over and you’re holding the cutest baby on earth doesn’t mean the pain of pregnancy is over. Pregnancy and labor pains are taken over by postpartum pains almost immediately after giving birth.

Is Secondhand OK for Baby?

Parents are as varied as the infants they bring home. When I was
pregnant, I shopped thrift stores, the Goodwill, the Salvation Army and
thousands of yard sales in an effort to fill baby’s room with furniture
and clothes without breaking the bank.

Can Having Children Protect You From Cancer?

The term nulliparous refers to a woman who has never given birth – she has no children. In our fast-moving world, many women choose not to have children until much later in life and some choose to never start a family.

Can a Woman Have an Orgasm in Her Sleep?

The point when boys turn into men is signified by the “wet dream” or
nocturnal emission. Nocturnal emissions occur when spontaneous orgasms
happen during sleep. While the “wet dream” phenomenon has been touted as
a male-specific trait

Is Passing Clots a Safe Part of Your Period?

As a teenager I remember the first time I looked down at my feminine
napkin and saw a blood clot. I immediately thought I was dying and after
bawling my eyes out right there in the bathroom I searched for my
mother to find out what was happening to me.

What is Female Genital Mutilation?

In some countries and cultures, female genital mutilation is considered
culturally accepted. The practice varies widely from one culture to the
next, but all cultures remove some portion of the female genitalia for
non-medical reasons.