Is Breast Milk Safe for Him?

There are countless questions and discussions about men being addicted to or in love with breast milk. Behind the discussions are women wondering if sharing breast milk with hubby is the best idea.

Is Having Twins Genetic?

When I found out I was having twins one of the first things that came to mind was my paternal aunt. She was the mother of fraternal twins. Then I realized my husband’s sister also gave birth to fraternal twins.

How to Handle Breast Leaks at Work

Breastfeeding is the best way to feed baby, but it doesn't afford many women the option of staying at home the entire first year after birth. When you must return to the workplace you must also prepare for leaking breasts at any and all times.

Why Early Induction Is Not the Best Choice

The word "term," as used in pregnancy, was once used to describe pregnancies between the 37th and 41st week of gestation, but new evidence suggests that infants born prior to the 39th week may not be term at all.

Practical Tips for New Parents

You can read every book, take every piece of family advice and listen to
all the experts but you'll never learn the most important tips for
being a new parent from any of those sources. Here's what I learned
through four children, including a set of twins.

Calming Baby is as Easy as S, S, S.

The human body needs rest to recuperate from pregnancy and childbirth but baby needs round-the-clock care, so how can you manage both? The
S-S-S technique will surely bring your baby calm and you a lot more rest
during the first 12 months of life.

Can Fever Cause Autism?

Autism cases are on the rise and there are tons of potential causes
thrown around in the media. Despite all of the finger pointing and
clinical research, no definitive causes have been established, so
pregnant women are at the mercy of luck - or are they?

Smart Kids Have Chatty Mommies

As you reach the latter part of your pregnancy you're reading tons of books and trying to figure out just how to be the best mother you can be. All new mothers, even those having baby number 2 and beyond, face the internal struggle of how to be the best mom to baby. 

Menopause: Where Am I Five Years Later?

One of the scariest meetings in my life was my first appointment with a
new gynecologist when I moved to Las Vegas. The gynecologist sat and
listened to my medical history with true interest.

Is the WIC Program Biased?

Fifty counties returned the electronic questionnaire, which gave researchers at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill more than enough information to gauge the overall services and breastfeeding support offered by the WIC program in the state.

What Do Women Know About IU Contraception?

IU or intrauterine contraception is an effective means of protecting against pregnancy, but just how much do women know about this contraceptive option? According to researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, not much.

Tips for a Healthy Vegan Pregnancy

Choosing a vegan lifestyle takes time and detailed attention to foods
and ingredients. It can take years to learn the ins and outs of living a
healthy vegan lifestyle while maintaining a good balance of protein,
carbohydrates, fats and vitamins.

Is That Hamburger Healthy for Mom?

Pregnant women are bombarded with literature about safe and unsafe
foods. Meats are one of the biggest concerns due to the long list of
potential health threats associated with eating under-cooked, processed
or raw meat.

What is Micro-IVF and Will it Work?

Micro-IVF is a less expensive alternative to traditional IVF treatment. Other names for the treatment may include eco-IVF or no-stimulation IVF.