Why is my back curving during my pregnancy?

That curvy back that you've noticed lately is a normal part of
pregnancy. Pregnancy with singlets can cause postural or back curve
changes, but more babies means more weight so women pregnant with
multiples will likely notice changes earlier.

Puberty at 3 Months Old: What Would You Do?

Three months after birth, her grandmother noticed pubic hair had already
started growing. When the baby girl's parents took her to the doctor to
find out what was happening, they were told she was going through
puberty at only three months old.

Can My Baby Girl Be Having a Period?

You've just given birth to a baby girl and you've decided to breastfeed.
After about a week at home you notice her breasts have these little
lumps and she passing pink or red discharge in her diaper.

Insomnia and Preterm Birth

Life stresses can cause the mind to race in all directions, but when
you're pregnant, insomnia may have a deeper effect than just a few days
of fatigue. Researchers believe there could be a link between insomnia
and preterm birth.

Pregnant, Single and Feeling Sexy: What's a Girl to Do?

I honestly thought this question was one I'd have trouble answering, but
there are literally hundreds (maybe thousands) of forum posts from
women asking this same question. If you're single and pregnant what is
the best way to deal with sexual needs and desires?

Can I Take Too Much Folic Acid?

Folic acid is probably the most important B vitamin a pregnant woman can take before, during and after pregnancy. Women in their reproductive years would  benefit best from starting folic acid supplements as soon
as they consider starting a family.

Has Teen Pregnancy Always Been Taboo?

Negative implications surrounding teen pregnancies are a relatively new concept. Women in the 1800s were expected to marry early in life with many being married before the age of 20.

Sex Isn’t Fun Anymore: What Do I Do Now?

You’ve been trying to conceive for months now with no luck. You’ve not been trying long enough to take on the cost of a fertility specialist and your gynecologist keeps telling you to relax and keep trying because some couples have more trouble than others conceiving.

Can I Breastfeed My Adopted Child?

One of the best means of feeding baby is through breastfeeding, but
adoptive mothers can’t breastfeed if they haven’t carrying the baby for
the pregnancy – or can they?

New Program Aims to Reduce Number of C-Sections

Multiple medical journals have reported a steady increase in the number of C-sections being performed each year. While C-sections are medically necessary, in some cases, to protect the life of the fetus and mother; not all C-sections are performed out of need.

What is an Ovarian Pregnancy?

An ovarian pregnancy is not that different from a tubal pregnancy. Tubal
pregnancy occurs when a fertilized egg implants in the fallopian tube
or surrounding structures. An ovarian pregnancy occurs when the
fertilized egg implants in the ovary.