Are Newer Drugs Safer during Pregnancy Than Older Drugs?

There are new drugs released all the time. The Food and Drug
Administration does not require formal pregnancy testing on drugs before
approval is granted. When in doubt, the drug is placed in category B or
C, which means the drug has not been thoroughly tested.

Obesity and Slow Infant Growth: Connected?

There are research studies popping up all the time talking about how overweight and obese women give birth to children who are more likely to suffer from the same conditions and other weight problems and illnesses later in life.

Natural Birth Boosts Brain Proteins

There are definitive medical reasons for scheduling a C-section
delivery. Many of these reasons ultimately help reduce the risk of labor
complications or the C-section is used as an emergency delivery option
if fetal complications are observed.

Is VBAC an Option for My Next Pregnancy?

For some women, having a vaginal delivery is a rite of passage and many
don’t feel they really experienced all there is to experience in
motherhood without a vaginal delivery, but not all women will be able to
have children vaginally.

How Old is Too Old to Conceive?

This question is more a moral one than a physical one. While the risk of complications like gestational diabetes and
preeclampsia are higher in older women, all other pregnancy statistics
are relatively the same.

Prescription Drugs and Your Rights as a Pregnant Woman

Not all drugs pass through pregnancy testing before being approved by the FDA – that’s why some drugs are pushed into a general pregnancy category that simply says – we haven’t tested this drug so proceed with

Women Are Meant to Have Children

There is no doubt about the mental stress caused by infertility. Women
who try to conceive and hit the brick wall of infertility face stress,
depression, anxiety and other mental side effects – this is something
researchers already know.

Stop Drinking So Much Coffee – IVF Tips

Ahh, the great coffee debate – this is one of those topics that keeps
coming up year after year, but today I’m taking the battle and pushing
it back into the face of every woman who stretches herself way too thin
and drinks more coffee than she knows she should.

Can I Get a Tattoo During Pregnancy?

Most experts suggest waiting until you’ve delivered to get your next tattoo, but they also give tips for pregnant
women who want to add a little ink to their body while pregnant.

Are Maternity Clothes Needed for a Twin Pregnancy?

Ahhh, the question of maternity clothes – I actually received this question via email just today, so I thought I’d jump right on it with a simple answer – NO! Pregnant women don’t NEED maternity clothes at all, but I doubt that is the answer the asker was looking for.