New Home Medical Technology for Infants

Having children who are prone to illness or have some special medical needs can be a scary experience, especially when you don’t always have immediate access to medical information and advice.

Breastfeeding Provides Necessary Amounts of Iodine

Iodine deficiency isn’t as common in the United States since a lot of our foods have iodine in them, but other countries around the world with less iodine in their foods and even in their soil struggle with getting enough to have healthy levels.

How to Spend Your Time Now That You’re Pregnant

If you’re the type to go out every weekend with your friends and have a
couple of drinks at the club, you may experience a period of boredom
after getting pregnant. Obviously you can’t go out drinking and dancing
at a bar, but you still have plenty of options

Increasing Awareness of Fertility Issues

A new study has shown that women who are more knowledgeable about age-related fertility issues have started to move their ideal pregnancy ages up, even though they may not be at risk of impacted fertility due to age.

A Healthy Diet for the Whole Family

Feeding your family has become more expensive over the years and
surviving on sale items and coupons seems like a better idea every day.
However, when was the last time you looked at most of the cheapest foods
that are on sale or less expensive?

How Dad’s Parenting Style Differs

Though women get to carry around their baby for nine months prior to
giving birth, dads play a crucial role in parenting that just can’t be
mimicked by the mother. But research suggests that dads do it in different ways that kids crave as they grow and learn.

iAlert, the First Smartphone Monitored Car Seat

At the first glance, the car seat looks like any other well-made product. It’s a comfortable and easy-to-use car seat that features a removable headrest for better rear-facing installation and it comfortably sits any infant or toddler up to 35 pounds.

Why Are Pre-Term Boys More at Risk of Death?

Some diseases and conditions that affect children can often affect one
gender more than the other. Though there are many reasons for this,
sometimes it’s a mystery that researchers and scientists have yet to
figure out.

Could Asthma Impact Fertility?

Though it’s the most common chronic disease found in children across the
world, many adults also struggle with asthma every day and are required
to use an inhaler to help them breathe when they have an attack.