Can I Increase My Chances of Having Twins?


I have a perfect 6-month-old daughter and we will start TTC next month. I will be 37 in August and would LOVE to have twins. I have been eating a diet to increase chances for twins (as well as male)

My questions are:

How to Encourage Your Partner to Participate in Your Birth

Many women want their partner actively involved in their birth. For some women that means they want him to be their main source of physical and emotional comfort. For others, simply having him there to hold a hand and stroke their hair is enough. Whatever role a woman wants her partner to play, there are a few ways to encourage him to participate.

Should You Keep Your Pulse Below 140 When Exercising?

One of my pregnant patients recently asked me if she should keep her heart rate no higher than 140 beats per minute when exercising? 

There is presently no scientific basis and no official recommendation to keep the heart rate during pregnancy below certain levels.

Screening For Depression During Pregnancy and Postpartum

The US Preventive Services Task Force issued an updated recommendation for screening all adults for depression. The last update, in 2009, did not recommend screening all adults over 18 but the 2016 update does. Depression in anyone 15 and older is one of the leading causes of disability in the US.

Screening Recommended for Expectant and New Mothers

Women With PCOS May Have Children with Autism

This Swedish study suggests that children of mothers with PCOS polycystic ovary syndrome have an increased risk of developing ASD autism spectrum disorder, regardless of sex. 


How To Eat Safe Food

There are always many opportunities to gather and share food, if it's during the holidays or in between. Whether you eat in someone's home, at work, or at a restaurant, it's important to get educated and be careful about what you eat.

37 years old and no period for 2 years

Question: I am 37-years-old and have not had a period for 2 years. What could it be?

Dr.Amos answers: There are several reasons why a woman does not get her period (amenorrhea). The first reason is pregnancy, in which case the pregnancy test would be positive. Or breastfeeding. If there is no pregnancy, then other reasons include:

What You Can Wear for Labor

Most women opt to wear a hospital gown for the birth of our babies. And while I understand that a hospital gown is undeniably convenient - no worry about getting it messy or having to clean it - they are notoriously ugly and revealing.

Midwife Wants Out of the Home Birth Business

Dear Honest Midwife, 

I have been a midwife for over seven years, doing home births. I have built up a good practice and really love working with women and babies. I am making decent money, enough that we are now finally making a comfortable living and have everything we need as a family. I should be happy, but I’m not. 

How To Naturally Treat Swelling and Protein in Urine

Dear Honest Midwife, I'm at 33 weeks with my first baby and planning a home birth. Lately I've been having serious swelling. My midwife checked my urine and says I'm spilling protein. She put me on a high protein diet and told me to take alfalfa tablets.

I was a homebirther! How can I now plan a hospital birth?

I have struggled with the truth about home birth for years, and I realized it was like a religion to me. I knew all the "correct" answers to give to explain away problems with homebirthing. Within my small circle of friends, I learned of many scary situations and complications that happened during home births.