Weighing the Work / Stay at Home Debate

When baby number two came along, things were exponentially harder, but we managed to find jobs that worked with us on the start and end times so we could care for our children – again on opposite shifts.

Maternity Jeans

It's denim season!  Maternity jeans aren't boring and dull anymore. There are all kinds, from slim pant to boot leg.

Glucose Tolerance Testing during pregnancy

Glucose Challenge and Glucose Tolerance Testing, commonly referred to as GCT and GTT are tests performed to determine if the mother is suffering from gestational diabetes or glucose intolerance dur

Coping with Birth Injuries

Pregnancy and childbirth is a beautiful thing, and while many children are born healthy and strong every single day, there are many who experience complications during delivery that can lead to bir

Five safe exercises during pregnancy

It is important to maintain a regular exercise routine during pregnancy as it helps you in a number of ways including improved sleep, better mood, reduced aches and pains.