Exercising During Pregnancy: Your Newborn’s Brain

Everyone knows that exercise is good for you. Many of us know that and still don’t exercise. However, exercising during pregnancy may come with greater motivation than normal. The motivation is that you may be helping your child’s brain develop faster.

BabyTech Tuesday - New Smartphone Ultrasound Now Available

The MobiUS SP1 Ultrasound System is a Smartphone-powered ultrasound
machine that is portable and more importantly, much less expensive.
Though it can be purchased by anyone who has need of an ultrasound
machine, it’s mainly been used by hospitals and small clinics.

Top 5 Things to do First after Learning That You’re Pregnant

When you discover you’re pregnant for the first time, it can be
overwhelming even if you’ve been planning for it. When you take your
pregnancy test and it turns out positive, there are a few things you
should do first so you can take the whole thing one step at a time.

Best Vacation Spots for Families with Babies and Toddlers

Though summer is still about six months away, it never hurts to
tentatively start planning your vacation, especially if you have young
children. Vacationing with babies and toddler can be difficult, but if
you plan out the excursion well enough, it can be a fun-filled adventure
for your family.

Teaching Toddler Siblings to Get Along

Many families have children close together so that they have at least
two toddlers at the same time. Some friends of ours have two girls right
now that are just getting out of toddlerhood, but when they were a few
years younger, our friends noticed the older girl was beginning to be
very unkind to her younger sister.

Family Foodie Friday - Baby Formula Substitutes

Breast milk is the absolute best thing for babies. Even the makers of
infant formula will say that their formula can’t compare. However,
breastfeeding isn’t always as easy as you think it will be and what
happens when you’re unable to breastfeed your child for the full year or
so they need it?

My Infertility Journey: Still Waiting

A week and two days past my period due date and no period had me concerned. I'd only taken the first week of the new pack of birth control pills, so I figured maybe a week late was reasonable. However, this extra two days now had me concerned.

My Infertility Journey: Menstrual Cycle Issues

After making my decision to use intrauterine insemination and fertility acupuncture and herbs to get pregnant semi-naturally before moving forward with the IVF, I immediately stopped taking the birth control pills the fertility clinic put me on.

How Not to Photograph Your Infants

Check out some of these tips on how not to photograph your infant so
that your pictures will turn out better and maybe your children will
actually want to show their friends their baby pictures when they get

6 Best Pregnancy Apps

If you’ve recently found out you’re expecting, you may want to try out a
few of these top pregnancy apps that will help you keep track of your
baby’s growth, pregnancy symptoms, baby shopping lists and more.

My Infertility Journey: Moving Forward

I've found it's always best to trust one's intuition. It rarely leads you astray. I've had strong feelings before about whether or not I should do something, and they've always proven to be correct. Intuition is a powerful thing. Everyone has it. 

My Infertility Journey: The Visit (Part 47)

Seeing as there was no way for me to avoid seeing my step-sons the day after Christmas, other than to simply leave the house (and my husband would have been upset if I'd made such an obvious display of my resentment toward them), I had to grit my teeth and accept it. 

My Infertility Journey: Emotional Baggage

With the holidays coming up, I knew there was going to likely be some kind of get-together with my step-sons. This was a real problem for me because I was still very resentful of their lack of support or compassion during my IVF fundraiser.