How Much T.V. Should Babies and Toddlers Watch?

At some point in their lives, your children will probably watch some
sort of television program. This won’t ruin their lives or hinder their
development, but too much TV might prevent them from doing other enriching activities.

How to Make Homemade Baby Food

Several of my friends decided to try their hand at making their own baby
food when their children started to switch from milk and formula to
solid foods.

Top 4 Most Expensive Baby Gadgets

Baby gadgets are cool, especially for parents that all love their
technology and use mobile devices every day. However, there are some
gadgets for babies that are ridiculously expensive and cost more than a
typical laptop, tablet, or Smartphone.

My Infertility Journey: Feeling Groovy (Part 45)

I let myself quiet my financial concerns and clear my mind for the first time in a long time. I couldn't help but feel that the financial pressure buying all of those fertility medicines was putting on me was the universe's way of saying now wasn't the time to be doing this.

My Infertility Journey: Alternatives

It seemed like I was on the road to IVF, and I was eager to do it. However, the sudden declaration that I would have to pay thousands of dollars in medications that weren't covered by the package price I paid was putting me under a lot of pressure.

How to Take Your Newborn Places

After my younger sister gave birth to her daughter, she almost ceased to
exist for a few months. I went to her house to see her, but she never
went anywhere because she didn’t know how to get around town with a

What Your Toddler's Tantrums are Telling You

My cousin’s twins had legendary meltdowns as toddlers, which caused my
cousin no end of trouble and made going out in public a hectic ordeal.
Many parents believe that their children have tantrums and meltdowns
because they are simply angry about something.

3 Strategies for Introducing New Foods to Picky Eaters

When you child starts to eat solid foods, you may come to find that they
are picky eaters. There are some ways to combat picky eating and parents
everywhere have developed strategies to help their babies and toddlers
learn to accept and eventually eat food they initially disdain.

Dad's Responsibilities in the Delivery Room

Dads have crucial roles to play during delivery and though they’re more
of a supporting actor instead of the main attraction, their presence is
essential to help their spouse get through the process with their wits

Types of Exercises for Your Baby

Your newborn doesn’t move much yet, but before you know it, they’re be
crawling and scooting everywhere. To help your infant get a head start
on these activities and to help them improve gross motor skills, try a
few simply baby exercises that will:

My Infertility Journey: The Medication Dance

Two days after I faxed in my Compassionate Care forms, I got a call from the fertility clinic saying I'd been approved for a 75 percent discount on Gonal-F and Cetrotide. It wasn't the 100 percent discount I was hoping for, but it was the next best thing.

Educational Christmas Toys

It is the age of technology and even toddlers and babies are crawling
and tottering onto the bandwagon. This year, some of the hottest gifts
for toddlers and children are tech gadgets designed to enhance cognitive
and reading skills.

How to Plan Mommy's Me-Time

As a new mom, you may soon realize that all of your free time is now gone. All of your time is spent taking care of your child, doing your normal household work, and even managing a full-time or part-time job.

My Infertility Journey: Compassionate Care

The medicines for IVF are many and expensive. However, there are assistance programs to help you get some of them. One of the better-known programs is called Compassionate Care. It offers 25, 50, 75, and 100 percent discounts on Gonal-F and Cetrotide